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Paddling to a sediment core site

Studying Lake Levels for Insights on a Changing Climate

Researchers from UMD's Large Lakes Observatory are reconstructing a history of water levels to gauge future climate conditions' effect on the water supply.

April Abbott

LLO alumnus honored

January 20, 2021

LLO alumnus honored
Raul Lee

Bulldog at the Helm

January 4, 2021

The conditions couldn’t have been more favorable for the 12-hour job… until they weren't.
Dr. Jay Austin on stories that celebrate the lake

Researching Climate Change and Lake Superior

November 12, 2020

Dr. Jay Austin, who researches physical limnology (the study of lakes).
cabins on shoreline

Warming Winters putting property owners on edge, literally.

October 6, 2020

Heavier precipitation in the Lake Superior watershed has raised water levels by 10 to 12 inches, said Jay Austin, a professor with the... more
Algae Bloom on Lake Superior

Be On the Lookout for Algae Blooms on Lake Superior

July 30, 2020

UMD researchers have identified factors that contribute to blooms on Lake Superior.
duluth flood

Climate and Governance

April 23, 2020

Examining the Great Lakes' sharp low and high levels for links to climate change.
Fresh water is the most important substance on Earth

Lake Lover

February 10, 2020

UMD's Elizabeth Minor with students. Minor recently received UMD’s Sabra S. and Dennis L. Anderson Scholar/Teacher Award.
bob hecky

Former UMD Professor Honored for His Research Efforts

February 6, 2020

Faculty emeritus Dr. Bob Hecky is receiving a major ASLO award for a "cornerstone work" published in 1995.
Duluth Harbor

Research Brief: Mapping the benefits of the world’s largest lakes

December 16, 2019

Fresh water is the most important substance on Earth, but it isn’t equally distributed across the planet.


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