Honors Program

Students in this program have the opportunity to conduct research (left), review findings with faculty (middle) and share their results with a presentation (right).

Why Should You Apply to the Honors Program at UMD Chemistry & Biochemistry?

The Honors Program of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is designed to provide Chemistry & Biochemistry majors a framework to enhance their educational experience by engaging in supervised undergraduate scientific research. 

Under the supervision of a research advisor, successful students in the Honors Program will learn to:

  • Design a multi-semester research project, define a research hypothesis, outline milestones, and estimate costs.
  • Use the instrumentation, reagents, and software that are necessary to carry out the research project.
  • Collect, organize, and analyze experimental data following best practices in the research field.
  • Critically reflect on the experimental data in relation to the hypothesis, and draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Present scientific research through rigorous and engaging oral, visual, and written communications.
  • Professionally communicate with peers, senior scientists, and nonprofessionals alike.
  • Enhance their communication and teamwork skills.

All these skills are transferable and sought after in industry, professional schools, and graduate programs. 

Upon successful completion of the Honors Program, participants will receive Honors cords to wear at graduation and distinction listed on your official transcript and diploma.

All students that are interested in cultivating the skills outlined above are encouraged to contact the Honors Program Chair, Dr. Eve Metto, emetto@d.umn.edu for initial orientation.

Honors Program Application

Apply here! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Honors Program Handbook

A detailed description of the program is provided in the Honors Program Handbook.