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Cally Hunt in NRRI Lab

Meet the Researcher: Cally Hunt

Pandemic doesn’t slow down Chemical Engineering Alum in new product development at the Natural Resources Research Institute.
Students working in chem lab

Green Chemistry

Students work on low-toxicity iodine compounds as building blocks for medicine and industry.

Elizabeth Breitbach Awarded Darland All-American Scholarship

Elizabeth Breitbach is a Chemical Engineering student at University of Minnesota Duluth.

Rachael Solarz Awarded Darland All-American Scholarship

Rachael Solarz is a Mathematics student at University of Minnesota Duluth.
microscopic view of Corona virus strain

Big Data and the Pandemic

Artificial Intelligence and what it can tell us about COVID-19.
Robert Carlson

Welcome to Chemistry

Robert Carlson Receives the U of M President's Award for Outstanding Service.

Truth, Acceptance, and Celebration Through Art

UMD "We All Belong Art Show" 2020 winners.

Be a Force for Change

Give to scholarships and funds that assist underrepresented students and faculty at UMD. 
chem banner

Bringing Civil Rights to Duluth and UMD

William Maupins, UMD chemistry department staff, champions civil rights.
katelyn france

Pharmacy, a Medical Device, and Academics

Katelyn France takes a triple win at UMD.