Student Clubs

Kyle Schwarz and Evan Vick are looking for new members to the Actuary Club at the UMD Student Activities Fair.

Student Clubs

We have two main student clubs on campus:

Math Club

Math Club helps to foster a love for mathematics and problem solving; it is open to anyone with an interest in Math. Meetings are focused on  building community, service and discipline-related activities. At meetings, students are given problems from math Magazines such as Math Horizons to solve and discuss. This teaches students new problem solving techniques and helps student gain mathematical insight. Students compete nationally in the Putnam Exam and in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Actuary Club

Actuary club strives to help students pass actuarial exams and prepare for employment. There are a variety of events the club hosts to strengthen students' leadership, networking, professional, and actuarial skills. The club also provides students with the option to compete the Validation by Educational Experience Credit.  Requirements for this credit contains topics not incorporated in the preliminary actuarial exams but that are still considered necessary skills for an actuary.