Our work seeks to understand how these organisms fit into lake ecosystems, how invasive species alter their biotic and abiotic environments, and how long-term climate change affects species distributions.  LLO researchers perform studies on food webs, production dynamics, community ecology, microbes and genomics, among many other biological topics.  

LLO Biology Faculty

John Downing, Eutrophication, Biogeochemistry, Biodiversity, Microbes, Plankton, Fish.

Ted Ozersky, Benthos, Food webs, Nutrients

Cody Sheik, Geomicrobiology, Microbial ecology, Anaerobic microbiology. 

Robert Sterner, Plankton, Production, Stoichiometry.

Research Associates and Adjunct Faculty

Donn Branstrator, Christopher Filstrup, Randall Hicks, and Tom Hrabik.