Swenson College’s faculty and staff are actively involved in efforts to ensure we are the destination of choice for highly qualified faculty and students.

This overall goal has led to the creation of a Constitution  and a College Assembly. The College Assembly represents the voting faculty members of Swenson College, and it is our main governing body.

College Assembly Details

The College Assembly meets at least once per semester to discuss issues, hear reports from the Dean and other senior leaders as well as the Swenson College Committees. They also deliberate and vote on changes to College structure and governance.

The Executive Committee has been established to initiate meetings, develop and present an agenda and chair the Assembly meetings. The Executive Committee also receives petitions and complaints of Constitution violations and sets the agenda for Assembly meetings while ensuring we follow our Strategic Plan.

2023-2024 Swenson College Committees

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Outreach Committee
  • STEM Teaching & Learning Committee