Student Research Opportunities

As an undergraduate student (freshman through senior), you can get hands-on research experience at Swenson College. Taking advantage of research opportunities will:

  • Challenge you to achieve high goals
  • Help you learn what you like and dislike in a given field
  • Introduce you to other students that share your passion
  • Connect you with faculty mentors that will help you reach your goals

In addition to working with faculty on their areas of expertise, you can conduct research on things you are passionate about that will assist you in the pursuit of your degree.

Here is a list of SCSE Faculty who are willing to be undergraduate research mentors. You will find information about their research interests and semesters they are available. 

Summer undergraduate research experiences:

LURE - Limnology Undergraduate Research Experience
The Limnology Undergraduate Research Experience (LURE) is a 10-week program in which an undergraduate SCSE student can work on a research project with an advisor affiliated with the Large Lakes Observatory and participate in professional development activities. Here is a list of potential faculty advisors. The 10-week program comes with a stipend of $6,000 ($15/hr). Applications will be reviewed starting April 3.  Please complete your application by midnight April 2 to ensure that it is included in the review.

REU - Research Experiences for Undergraduates
The Swenson College of Science and Engineering will offer five additional Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) in the College. Much like SURP and BURST programs, the REU program will be a 10-week program available to science and engineering disciplines aligning students with professors for a summer undergraduate research experience. The program runs May 30th, 2023 - August 4th, 2024. Students receive a stipend of $6,000 ($15/hr). Deadline to apply is April 3, 2024. Please use the link below to apply. 

Our Main Programs:

UROP = Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

SURP = Summer Undergraduate Research Program

BURST = Biological Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology

REU = Research Experience for Undergraduates

LURE=Limnology Undergraduate Research Experience

Examples of Impactful Research

Looking to get a sense of the types of projects students have recently done as part of the UROP program? Click on the departmental links below to see information about completed projects:

Biology Department

Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

Civil Engineering Department

Mathematics & Statistics Department

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department

In the Lab from the Start

UMD student Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson first stepped into a lab as a freshman to soak up knowledge and familiarize himself with lab work. By senior year, he was the winner of an award from the MN Science Academy for his work on studying the effects of iron deficiency on brain development.

Carl said, “I don’t think I could have chosen a better place for me. My mentor, Dr. Anderson, has been really encouraging, and there are a lot of opportunities here to try different things.”

Making A Difference

UMD students impact our world through the work they do and the knowledge they pursue.

For example, UMD chemistry students are developing solar energy cells at a molecular level to mimic plant cells and Bulldog engineers are inventing tools to help protect U.S. soldiers in war zones.

Every year, hundreds of Swenson College students get involved in research on campus by partnering with our dedicated faculty. They work in campus labs, in forests, on lakes even in other states and countries to pursue new information. It’s one reason many of our students love it here - you don’t have to wait to dive into your field of study.