Declare Your Major/ Minor

UMD has four colleges and countless opportunities

Students can major and minor, or double major, in different colleges at UMD. Work with university professionals and advising & academic services offices, with questions prior to submitting a major or minor declaration.

Current Students

To register as a student in a new major, plan to submit online forms to the collegiate unit that offers the major. We recommend meeting with your academic advisor to discuss options. Please allow for a minimum of 7-14 days for processing.

Major, Minors or Advisor Requests

Declare or Change SCSE MajorUse if you are a student requesting: 

  • Swenson student declaring or changing a SCSE major
  • Swenson student adding a second Swenson major of the same degree type (B.S. and B.S.). 
  • Swenson student who is already a dual degree and adding another major of the same degree type (BIOL B.S, Criminology B.A. adding a Chem B.A.)
  • Student in CAHSS, CEHSP or LSBE adding a second major of the same degree type (ex. B.S. Linguistics and B.S. Computer Science)

Dual Degree Program Application - Undergraduateuse when requesting different degree types

  • Example: B.S. Biochemistry and  B.A. Chemistry (two different degrees in the same college)
  • Example: B.S. Computer Science and B.A. Music  two different degrees in two different colleges)


Declare or Change SCSE MinorUse if you are a:

  • Any UMD student declaring or changing a SCSE minor
Minor Declaration Forms (other UMD Colleges)

CAHSS Minor Add or Drop 

CEHSP Minor Add or Drop 

LSBE Minor Add or Drop 


Application for Undergraduate Change of College - UMD campus (electronic)
Submit the application to the collegiate unit that offers your intended major

Before requesting a SCSE major, make sure you meet prerequisites:

  • One semester of UMD course work completed in good academic standing (2.0 or higher).  
  • MATH1005 College Algebra OR higher with minimum grade of C- or higher 
  • A science course with minimum grade of C- or higher (subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics.)


Returning to Swenson College? We welcome you to submit the following:

Change to another U System Campus: Crookston, Morris, Rochester, UMTC