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UMD has five colleges and countless opportunities

  • Students can major and minor, or double major, in different colleges at UMD.

  • Work with university professionals and advising & academic services offices, with questions prior to submitting a major or minor declaration.

Current Students Declaring your Major or Minor

  • To register as a student in a new major, plan to submit forms (online or in person) to the collegiate unit that offers the major. 
  • To declare a Swenson College major, one semester of UMD course work must be completed prior to submission. 
  • Paper forms are available in Swenson College Advising & Academic Services office.

Swenson College: Add or change Major, Minor or Advisor Form (must be logged in to MyU & UMD email)

  • Swenson College students changing to another major within Swenson. 
  • Students in another college adding another major of the same degree (ex. B.S. Linguistics and B.S. Computer Science)
  • Students must use the Dual Degree Program Application  if adding a second degree that is different from the first (ex. B.A. degree CLA and B.S. degree SCSE)
  • Any student at UMD can use this form to declare a Swenson College Minor. 

Change of College, (UMD campus) Undergraduate Application 

  • Current students in another UMD college (CEHSP, CLA, LSBE or SFA) use this form if their goal is to declare a major in Swenson College. One semester at UMD must be completed prior to submission. 
  • Swenson students will also use this form if their intended major changes to something other than science or engineering. Submit the application to the collegiate unit that offers your intended major.

Other UMD Colleges Online Minor Declaration Forms

Swenson College students who would like to declare a minor program in another college to enhance their degree program can use these links:  

Returning to Swenson College? We welcome you to submit the following:

Change of University of Minnesota Campus?