Undeclared & Exploring

Helping You Choose

Many students enter college unsure of their major. Undeclared Science and Undeclared Engineering students who apply to Swenson College typically know they are interested in math and science and that they did well in these subjects in high school.

Students entering college as an undeclared major are often at different starting points regarding their major decision:

      I am not really sure…

                          I’ll know it when I see it…

                                                            I want to be…

Research shows 75% of all college freshmen have some uncertainty about their educational goals, with an average of 85% declared students changing their major at least once. The good news for undeclared students is research has shown they are more likely to graduate from college and will be happier with their major once they declare it. This is because undeclared students explore their options and research information, leading to an informed decision before declaring their major.

Students often ask; Will I be behind if I am undeclared? A simple answer is no. However, to remain true, students must pay attention to their major interests, choose courses wisely and work closely with an academic advisor. Students must also be aware of the components that make up a degree:

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Advising for Undeclared Swenson College Majors

Undeclared students in Swenson College are assigned a professional advisor who will work with the student’s individual interests, goals, values and skills. Key university tools help students understand how courses they choose relate to university, major or minor requirements. These include the online UMD Catalog and the Academic Progress Audit System (APAS report) that verifies degree requirements.

Course Selection

When am I required to declare my major?

Students should be thoughtful in their course selections. Choose Liberal Education courses that align with interest areas, try courses within major areas, and explore subjects not considered before. It is recommended that declaration take place by at least 45 credits, generally in the fall of the second year.

Choosing a Major