Heikkila Chemistry & Advanced Materials Science Building


Future of Innovation

The Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building (HCAMS) is the newest addition to the UMD campus and will drive the future of education, innovation and discovery in our region and in our state.

The Grand Opening took place on August 9, 2019 and was a gathering of alumni, faculty, staff, students, special guests and community members to officially open the new facility. 

Up to date education

Up to date facilities provide modern research equipment giving hands-on, real-world learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students to do research alongside faculty and manage projects with area industry.

Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration

The design of building with open concept labs is all about collaboration. Students can interact with each other as they work to solve problems, seeking input from their peers. Teaching labs located next to faculty labs opens up opportunities for faculty mentoring. With the new Advanced Materials Science program, collaboration between disciplines throughout the College and industry leaders means students are learning about this growing field as it develops.

 "I think the most exciting thing about the new Applied Materials Science MS degree at UMD is that it is going to help bridge the gap between scientists and engineers. So often, scientists and engineers are kept separate from each other, when what the world really needs is for these two disciplines to work together. This program offers an awesome opportunity for students from a variety of backgrounds to unite under the same goal, which is to investigate, design, and improve materials for the future."  - Mary Christiansen, PhD, LEED AP, Director of AMS Graduate Program

Materials Science Matters

Innovations in Materials Science impact almost every aspect of our modern life. The Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building is home to the Advanced Materials Center (AMC). From ground breaking research in construction materials to medicine, students will have opportunities to work with industry leaders and faculty in a field that will fundamentally change our world.