Biogeochemists study the cycling of matter of all types. LLO's biogeochemical research includes organic and inorganic matter over time scales from short to long, and it relies on a substantial infrastructure of analytical instrumentation together with skilled technical professionals who work with instruments of many types. 

LLO Biogeochemistry Faculty

Erik BrownInorganic geochemistry, Carbon cycling, Sediment diagenesis

Sergei KatsevSediment biogeochemistry, reaction-transport modeling, carbon and nutrient cycling, coupled physical-chemical dynamics

Elizabeth Minor, Carbon cycling, Chemical and isotopic characterization of aquatic carbon pools.

Ted Ozersky Nutrients, Contaminant cycling 

Kathryn Schreiner, Organic geochemistry, Carbon cycle Biogeochemistry, Paleoecology.

Cody Sheik, Geomicrobiology, Microbial ecology, Anaerobic microbiology. 

Robert Sterner, Nutrients, Carbon, Stoichiometry.

Research Associates and Adjunct Faculty

Christina Gallup, Nathan JohnsonGustavo Merten