Cruise Planning

Time aboard the R/V Blue Heron can be acquired through organizations like the National Science Foundation or through University of Minnesota programs to support research or educational opportunities.

Contact the Marine Superintendent for more information.

Proper cruise planning will ensure your research cruise is a success. The following timeline of activities to coordinate with the ship operations and technical staff will help you through the cruise planning process.

1. Very Long Lead Time - more than a year before the cruise:

  • Complete and submit a request for ship time using the Marine Facilities Planning website (external link) - especially if your work is funded by NSF. The form needs to be incorporated in your NSF proposal.

2. Long Lead Time - more than 6 months before the cruise:

  • Seek Foreign clearance to work in Canadian waters
  • Discuss long lead time items with the marine operations staff (use of the Triaxus system, Multibeam system, or Radioisotope Laboratory Van)
  • Schedule cruise dates (done in February of the cruise year)

3. At least 120 days before the cruise:

4. At least 60 days before the cruise:

  • Complete training to use radioisotopes aboard a University of Minnesota vessel

5. At least 21 days before the cruise:

6. Mobilization day or 1st day of cruise:

  • For multi-day cruises, watch the Safety video and the Prevention of Sexual Harassment video - these videos can be watched prior to the cruise
  • For multi-day cruises, give the captain your completed Medical Survey and Consent form (Word)
  • All members of the Science party must attend the pre-cruise safety talk.

7. Upon completion of the cruise, complete and submit: