Advanced Materials Center


Materials Science is an interdisciplinary pursuit towards the design, discovery, preparation, application and fate of new materials.

The discipline incorporates elements of physics, chemistry, biochemistry and engineering. Although traditionally limited to solid materials, the field has expanded to include “soft” materials such as colloids, membrane structure, etc.

The Advanced Materials Center (AMC)

The AMC is a component of the Swenson College of Science and Engineering committed to enhancing the research and educational opportunities in Materials Science for our faculty and students.

The AMC does this by:

  • Providing, with NRRI, an entry point for regional industry to gain the considerable expertise and services at the University of Minnesota Duluth in solving problems and developing new products.
  • Offering a research grant program to foster innovative collaborative applied research in Materials Science within the Swenson College of Science and Engineering.
  • Catalyzing the development of a Master’s Degree in Applied Materials Science directed to those students in science and engineering looking for attractive careers in industry.
  • Working with the University of Minnesota, MN legislators and governor and regional industry to support the construction of the new Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science building (HCAMS), slated for completion in fall of 2019.