BURST Program

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Students Conducting Lab Research
This program got its start in 2014 thanks to generous private supporters.

Biology Undergraduate Research in Science & Technology

Participants in BURST get a rare opportunity to conduct research over a 10 week period in the summer. The program is designed to give qualified UMD Biology/Cell & Molecular Biology majors a chance to do in-depth analysis and see what it is like to do research as a full-time job.

Participants are paid a $4,500 stipend for their ten-week fellowship and $500 to cover research expenses.

Applications are typically due in mid-March and require lining up a faculty member to act as a mentor, cover a portion of the stipend and expenses and provide a letter of recommendation.

Jared Strasburg, an assistant professor in the Biology Department, oversees the BURST program. “Our goal is to give students a research experience, so they know whether research is something they really want to do in the future,” he explains.

Our summer of 2015 participants researched a wide variety of subjects including plants found in the Arctic and along our North Shore, wolf DNA, wood turtles and the Chagas disease which affects thousands of people in Latin and South America.