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Swenson College Graduate Programs

Build on your education by working with Swenson College faculty and scholars at the leading edge of their field.

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Applied Materials Science M.S.Master’sSwenson College of Science and Engineering
Mathematical Sciences M.S.Master'sDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics
Chemical Engineering M.S.Ch.EMaster'sDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Chemistry M.S.Master'sDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Civil Engineering M.S.Master'sDepartment of Civil Engineering
Computer Science M.S.Master'sDepartment of Computer Science
Electrical Engineering M.S.E.E.Master'sDepartment of  Electrical Engineering
Environmental Health and Safety M.Env.Hlth.Sa.Master'sDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Earth Sciences M.S.Master'sDepartment of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Integrated Biosciences M.S.Master'sSwenson College of Science and Engineering
Master of Engineering M.Eng.Master'sSwenson College of Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering M.S.M.E.Master'sDepartment of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Physics M.S.Master'sDepartment of Physics & Astronomy
Water Resources Science M.S.Master'sWater Resources Duluth Campus
Integrated Biosciences Ph.D.DoctorateUniversity-wide Multidisciplinary Program
Water Resources Science Ph.D.DoctorateWater Resources Duluth Campus