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Our Student Clubs

There are a lot of ways students can get involved on campus and student clubs are an excellent start. Bulldog Link lists every club on campus and the following are the groups that relate specifically to our Computer Science students.

ACM Club

For Computer Science students and all interested in computers at UMD.

Robotics at UMD

Formerly known as Battlebots, this club is devoted to inspiring students in science and technology. From building and flying model aircraft to competing in nation-level battlebots competitions, there's a place for everyone in this club. 

Software Development Club at UMD (DEV Club)

Work on a project while sharing knowledge across the collective languages of the group’s membership.

Women in Computing Club

Network with fellow women interested in computer science research and consider taking part in regional competitions where students can showcase their work.

Women in Engineering and Science (WES)

Step away from the everyday stress of student life to bowl, eat pizza, take tours and do other fun things with other women interested in the sciences.