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Graduation Planning: Learn, Plan, Engage, and Graduate!

You have made it to 90 credits, it is time to Apply to Graduate

Graduation: Checklist for Undergraduate Degree

STEP 1: Review your APAS report and check for the following completions:

  • Liberal Education requirements.

  • Ensure official transcripts have been submitted to UMD admissions with final grades from all transfer colleges.

  • All major and minor requirements should be satisfied (including double majors)

  • Overall credits (120 credits minimum) and GPA (2.0 in the major, minor and overall GPA)

STEP 2: Know Degree Application Deadlines

  • Ensure all major(s) and minor(s) are declared and viewed in APAS.

  • A student can still apply to graduate, even if an exception in APAS is in process of correction.

  • Apply no later than the deadline for each term.

STEP 3: Submit your online Application for Degree (MyU)

  • Choose the term in which all degree requirements will be completed.

  • For double majors, a submission is required for each major.

STEP 4: Verify in MyU:

  • Your name and how you would like it to appear on the diploma for printing

  • The mailing address where your diploma will be received

  • "Commence! UMD Commencement Manager" Confirm your attendance.

STEP 5: Successfully complete your courses and degree requirement in your last term.


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Undergraduate Degree Application Frequently Asked Questions

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