Active Learning

Generating Excitement in the Classroom

What is Active Learning?

Active learning is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than passively sitting and listening to a lecture in rows of fixed seats, students share ideas, work in teams and problem solve in an active learning classroom.

  • Class time is spent working on problems that reinforce key concepts and allow you to apply the knowledge you gain.
  • Faculty members are there to guide your problem solving and ask key questions that will help you find the right answer.
  • Out of class time is spent reading your textbooks, watching videos or reviewing other prep materials.

Across the College

Swenson College is committed to moving to an active learning format across all of our curriculum. To facilitate this transition, we’re continually upgrading classroom space with interactive technology and tables and chairs that allow for group work.

The active learning approach better engages students and increases their level of understanding and information retention.

It works very well for upper level, advanced courses and graduate courses and studies have shown it is particularly effective for introductory classes in science and engineering.

Active learning can really help freshman and sophomore students as they are introduced to complex ideas, formulas and methods that are hard to convey through lectures and independent study.