Water Resources Science

The Water Resources Science (WRS) graduate program is an interdisciplinary program offering M.S. and Ph.D. degrees University wide via the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses. The program is broadly designed to produce scientists with strong technical skills and a holistic understanding of the roles of water in the natural sciences.

At LLO, WRS students typically take several courses on the science of lakes, rivers, and wetlands, which are part of the WRS Limnology and Oceanography track.  Details on the WRS tracks, degree requirements, and application deadlines can be found on the official WRS webpage.

Potential advisors from LLO include:

The program spans the natural sciences and can incorporate social sciences.

Past/ongoing projects include:

  • Dreissenid mussels, nutrients and food webs in MN lakes
  • Lake Superior Plankton and Stoichiometry
  • Anaerobic microbial processes
  • Metagenomics of Lake Superior Sediments
  • Microbial ecology of sub-ice, aquatic microbial communities
  • Nutrient limitation of periphyton in large, oligotrophic lakes
  • Winter limnology: communities and food webs on ice
  • Characteristics, influence, and sensitivity of ice cover on the Great Lakes
  • Modeling near-inertial waves in Lake Superior
  • Recent observations and modeling of the physical limnology of Lake Malawi
  • Internal wave generation and turbulence in Lake Superior
  • Reconstruction of the Pleistocene Environment and Climate of the Olorgesailie Basin
  • A 7000 year oxygen isotope record of climate change in southwestern British Columbia, Canada