Laboratory Policies

The policy of the university and the department prohibits food and drink in all laboratories. Microwave ovens in labs are for lab materials only. In addition, you may not use the waste containers in the labs for disposing of food/drink containers. Students must dispose of these items OUTSIDE of the lab BEFORE they enter the lab.

Checking Into Lab

Teaching assistants are responsible for checking students into lab.  In the larger classes (general, organic and quantitative analysis), several students will be dropping or adding courses or changing lab sections during the first two weeks of class.  To avoid having to check students into and out of one laboratory drawer and then into another, teaching assistants should not check any student into lab unless they have proof of registration (i.e., on the class list).  Students who are trying to get into your lab section must register first and then check into lab. Contact the stockroom first if there are any issues or concerns (do not go to the instructor first).

Making Up a Lab

The following describes the policy and procedures by which students in chemistry lab courses may make up laboratories if the course instructor of record wishes to allow. Instructors and teaching assistants should urge their students to complete the lab during the assigned week and state that only extraordinary circumstances (as the instructor judges each case) will merit permission to make up a lab.

A lab experiment may be made up the week the experiment is missed or the week following the missed experiment.  Policies on making up labs are course instructor and/or course/lab dependent so rules of make-up labs should be specifically discussed the first week.  The student must see the course instructor to schedule a make-up time (this needs to be communicated to the students).  This must be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled make-up lab as well as notification to the stockroom.

Checking Out of Lab

Students must check out with their TA and return the drawer key to the stockroom after the last experiment of the semester.  Failure to check out by the end of final exam week will result in fees to the student of $20.00 per lock to change the locks, $35.00 to check him/her out of each lab drawer late, plus any stockroom charges incurred during the semester. 

Borrowing Equipment

Students must have a picture ID (UCard, drivers’ license, etc.) to check out anything from the stockroom.  If any items are missing or damaged in any way, the student will be held accountable and charges will be deducted from his/her UCard or billed to the student’s account.

Lab Stockroom Charges

Any and all charges must be paid at the time they are incurred.  If adequate funds are not available on a ‘UCard’ or ‘CampusCash’ card, participation in laboratory will be suspended until the debt is settled.  Common charges are as follows:

  • $11.00 - Goggle purchase. Only approved goggles may be used.
  • $1.00 - Goggle rental (when purchased goggles are forgotten)*
  • $1.00 - Drawer unlock and lock-up (when lab key(s) are forgotten)
  • $1.00 - Booties
  • Market price - Glassware, equipment, computer, instrument damage, etc...
  • $20.00/key - Failure to return key(s)
  • $5.00/key - Broken/unuseable key(s)
  • $35.00/drawer - Failure to check out completely by deadline

*Goggle rental is free for the first week of lab (not counting check-in)

It is suggested that, students enrolled in a chemistry laboratory course at UMD should start with a minimum of $25.00 on their UCards to cover goggle purchase and laboratory expenses.  If the UCard does not have sufficient funds for a necessary expenditure, the student must leave the laboratory and add sufficient funds to cover any cost incurred at the stockroom.  NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN BY THE STOCKROOM.