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Weekly Seminars

Interdisciplinary Science, Engineering and Health Science Seminars

Swenson College encourages an exchange of ideas and collaboration between disciplines at UMD. Anyone organizing a seminar that would like to include it in this list for improved exposure and attendance, contact Nancy Kienzle at or 218-726-6397.

In the summer, presentations occur less frequently but will be displayed here if they are scheduled. 

Presentations for the week of June 24-28:

Tuesday June 25th
"Performance Measures of Direct Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Milling: Mechanical Properties and Environmental Performance Indicators"
Presented by Nabeel Ahmad, MSME Graduate Student
10:30am in SCiv 265

Monday July 1
"Nonlinear Dynamics of a Nanoelectromechanical Resonator"
Presented by Md Raf E Ul Shougat, MSME Graduate Student
9:00am in 265 Civil Engineering Building
Hosted by the MIE Department / 

Tuesday, July 2
"An experimental and numerical study on the heat transfer driven dynamics and control of transient variations in a solar reactor”
Presented by Mostafa Abuesada, MSME Graduate Student
8:30am in 265 Civil Engineering Building 
Hosted by the MIE Department /