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Weekly Seminars

Interdisciplinary Science, Engineering and Health Science Seminars

Swenson College encourages an exchange of ideas and collaboration between disciplines at UMD. Anyone organizing a seminar that would like to include it in this list for improved exposure and attendance, contact Lucas Chubiz at or 218-726-6397.

Presentations for the week of April 12-16:

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 

Title: Agmatine Influence on Cellular and Molecular Pain Signaling
Speaker: Tongzhen Xie, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Fairbanks Lab
Time/Location: 3:00-3:30 PM CT, Zoom (email to request a meeting link)
Host: PHM 8100/PHAR 6260 Pharmaceutics Seminar (Department of Pharmaceutics)

Title: A Semi-Mechanistic Pharmacokinetic Model to Investigate Amyloid Beta Trafficking and Accumulation at the BBB Endothelium
Speaker: Zengtao Wang, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Kandimalla Lab
Time/Location: 3:30-4:00 PM CT, Zoom (email to request a meeting link)
Host: PHM 8100/PHAR 6260 Pharmaceutics Seminar (Department of Pharmaceutics)

Title: Safety in Medicinal Chemistry Research
Speakers: Rebecca Cuellar, Jodi Ogilvie and Nancy Rolstad, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota
Time/Location: 3:30 PM CT; Zoom Meeting ID: 915 6093 8295 (Passcode: MedChem-1)
Host: Medicinal Chemistry Seminar Series

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 

Title: Robotic exploration of rotationally driven mixing in large lakes
Speaker: Dr. Alex Forrest, UC Davis 
Time/Location: 12:00 PM CT, Zoom:
Host: Jay Austin

Title: Differences in predicted warfarin dosing requirements between Hmong and East Asians using genotype‐based dosing algorithms
Speaker: Boguang Sun, PharmD, ECP Graduate student, Dr. Robert Straka’s Lab  
Time/Location: 12:20 -1:10 PM CT,  Zoom (contact Susan Williford for link)
Host: ECP Seminar (ECP 8100/PHAR 6160)

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Title: Qualitative Research Methods
Speaker: Lisa Hillman, PharmD, SAPh PhD Student
Time/Location: 3:30-5:00 PM CT; Zoom: Meeting ID: 517 609 1414
Host: SAPh Seminar (Phar 6250/SAPh 8100)

Title: Stratigraphic and tectono-magmatic evolution of the Finlayson Lake VMS district, northern Canadian Cordillera
Speaker: Matthew Manor, Memorial University
Time/Location: 4:00 PM CT, Zoom (request link from
Host: Christina Gallup

Friday, April 16, 2021

Title: Mercury removal in municipal wastewater: the role of TSS and DOM in meeting Great Lakes discharge limits
Speaker: Geordee Spilkia, Civil Engineering graduate student

Title:   Establishing fresh concrete properties for fiber-reinforced concrete per Performance Engineered Concrete Mixture Design
Speaker: Ali Kamara, Civil Engineering graduate student

Time/Location: 12-1:00 PM CT, Zoom link click here 
Host: Civil Engineering Department   

Title: Why do coastal seeds fail? Understanding population structure of northern red oak (Quercus rubra) populations in Minnesota
Speaker: Maria Jose Gomez,  Master's Candidate, University of Minnesota Duluth\
Time/Location: 3:00 PM CT, Zoom 
Hosts: Dr. Briana Gross and Dr. Julie Etterson

Title: Synthesis of New Hypervalent Bromine (III) and Chlorine (III) Compounds
Speaker: Christopher Huss, Master's Student, UMD Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Time/Location: 3:00 PM CT, Chem 200 & Zoom
Host: Research Advisors ~ Dr. Viktor Zhdankin, & Dr. Akira Yoshimura,, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Title: Characterization of microplastic from Lake Superior through the coupling of fluorescent dye staining/tagging, flow cytometry analysis and sorting, and pyr-GC MS
Speaker: Uttam Gomes, Master's Student, UMD Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Time/Location: 3:30 PM CT, Zoom
Host: Research Advisor ~ Dr. Elizabeth Austin-Minor,, UMD Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry