Student Publications

Recent Student Research

Graduate students must either complete a thesis or an approved project that must be presented to the department in a seminar or colloquium, and prepared for publication as a departmental technical report. Below is a list of recent graduates' projects.

Below are details on recent graduates' projects for reference. PDF copies of some theses are available for download via the UMD Digital Conservancy.



Austin Rutten, Advisor Marshall Hampton
"Co-orbital Central Configurations with 3 Infinitesimal Masses and a Varying Potential"
Fuli Wang, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
"Constructing Confidence Interval of the L-Statistic Using Jackknife Empirical Likelihood"
Hongru Zhao, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
"Spectral Empirical Distributions for Products of Rectangular Matrices"
Katherine Hurst, Advisor Tracy Bibelnieks
"Novel Statistical Approach to Measuring Food Insecurity at a Census Block Group Level"
Jieming LiuAdvisor Yang Li
"Hidden Markov Models"
Jordan Klumper, Advisor Marshall Hampton
"Modeling Social Motility in Trypanosoma brucei"
Karlee WestremAdvisor Joe Gallian
"Groups of Units Modulo f(x)"
Lincoln Sorensen, Advisor Dalibor Froncek
"Labeling the Products of Cycles Using Abelian Groups"
Noah Wong, Advisor Bruce Peckham and Richard Buckalew
"Newton's Method for Two Dimensional Functions"
Tianyi Zhang, Advisor Yang Li
"Bandwidth Selection in Nonparametric Density Estimation on a Sphere"
Xinyu Sui, Advisor Yang Li
"Power-Law Distribution"
Yingchao Zhou, Advisors Yongcheng Qi and Xuan Li
"Test for Independence of Normal Random Vectors using Empirical Likelihood"


Zhuo Chen, Advisor Juming Pan

Variable Selection in the Presence of Missing Data

Aaron Crenshaw, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu

Characterization of the Stability of Solutions to a Linearized Korteweg De-Vries Equation

Shiyuan Deng, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

Inference for High Quantile For a Heavy-Tailed Distribution

Seth Hovland, Advisor Richard Buckalew

Measuring the Space of Legislative Restricting Plans”

Xinrui Li, Advisor Juming Pan

A Comparison of Variable Selection and Model Averaging Methods for High-Dimensional Data

Richa Rawat, Advisor Yang Li

“Finding the Degree Distribution of Networks with the Addition and Deletion of Nodes”

Aaron Victorin-Vangerud, Advisor Bethany Kubik

“Nim in Topological Spaces”

Mengzi Xie, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

Spectral Radii of Products of Random Rectangular Matrices”

Shahriyar Roshan Zamir, Advisor Joe Gallian

Subgroups of Groups of Unites Mod n”


McCoy Becker, Advisor Yang Li

Identifying Phase Transitions with Statistical Learning

Yejin Cho, Advisor Juming Pan

High-Dimensional Model Averaging

Deepali Gupta, Advisor Thierry Chekouo

Bayesian Hidden Markov Model in Application to Methylation Data

Nathan Jersett, Advisor Marshall Hampton

Planar Central Configurations of the 4-Body Problem

Jehyun Lee, Advisor Dalibor Froncek

Decomposition of Complete Graphs into Connected Graphs with Seven Vertices and Eight Edges

Yifeng Mei, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

An Independence Test of High Dimensional Random Vector

Weibing Li, Advisor Thierry Chekouo

Bayesian Group Selection with Non-Local Priors

Yizeng Li, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

Estimation of Tail Index by Using Adjusted Empirical Likelihood Method

Jingxia Liu, Advisor Marshall Hampton

Ranking Players Statistically on a Network

Himadri Mukherjee, Advisor Thierry Chekouo

Biclustering Analysis of Gene Expression Data

Sarah Pierro, Advisor Richard Buckalew

Modeling Wave in Early Embryonic Drosophila

Kalani Thalagoda, Advisor John Greene

Continued Fraction Expansions with Irrational Denominators

Marcus Walker, Advisor Marshall Hampton

The Amazing Composobot: Music Information Retrieval and Algorithmic Composition

Jiaxing Wang, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu

Optimal Damping Coefficient of Some Elastic Systems

Zhenduo Wang, Advisor Yang Li

Text Embedding Methods at Different Levels for Tweets Authorship Attribution

Yue Zhao, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

Modeling WTI Crude Oil Return Using Applied time Series Methods


Ayoub Dib, Advisor Kris Snyder

Pulsate Locomotion

Lei Ding, Advisor Yang Li

A Statistical Model on Measuring Cloud Peers' Behaviors

Joseph Kell, Advisor Bruce Peckham

The Breakup and Continuation of Invariant Circles

Matej Kroc, Advisor Xuan Li

Statistical Analysis of Moose Habitat Behaviors Using Bayesian Hierarchial Model with Spatially Varying Coefficients

Yujiong Liu, Advisor Bruce Peckham

A Connection Between Analytic and Non analytic Singular Perturbations of the Quadratic Map: A Case Study

Michael McKeown, Advisor Dalibor Froncek

Vertex-Magic Group Edge Labeling

Yingyu Tang, Advisor Xuan Li

Learning Mental Health of Minnesotans Using Random Forests

Neng Wan, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu

Eigenvalues Approximations of One-Dimensional Partial Differential Equations with Local Damping

Xiangpeng Wan, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

Applied Time Series and Duluth Temperature Prediction

Yang Wang, Advisor Yang Li

Multivariate Poisson and Zero-Inflated Multivariate Poisson Regression in R

Yu-Ting You, Advisor Marshall Hampton

Group Theory in Harmonic Progression


Xinyue Chang, Advisor Yang Li

CSR Test of Spatial Point Processes on the Network

Tsungai Chibanga, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu

Applications of the Inverse LQR Problem to Wind Energy Conversion System

Vaclav Hasenohrl, Advisor Bruce Peckham

Multicompartment Ebola Modeling

Mudit Jain, Advisor Yang Li

Creating Quantum/Statistical Field Theories on Lattice from Boundary Conditions Via Conditional Probability

Su Hwan Kim, Advisor Xuan Li

Adaptive Designs for Normal Responses with Mismeasured Covariates

Qiaozhi Li, Advisor Kang James

Three-Step Non-Gaussian Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimation of GARCH Model with Heavy-tailed Innovations

Olive Mbianda, Advisor Joe Gallian

Properly Even Harmonious Graphs

Katarazyna Obral, Advisor Barry James

Simulation, Estimation, and Applications of Hawkes Processes

Anh Phung, Advisor Kang James

Comparison of Support Vector Regression and Neural Network

Martin Rysavy, Advisor Joe Gallian

Solvability of Equations in Clifford Algebras

Melissa Sandahl, Advisor Yang Li

Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Google Flu Counts

Amber Koslucher, Advisor Richard Green

Life Table and Population Projection

Qi Liu, Advisor Yongcheng Qi

A Study of Time Varying Copula Approach to Oil and Stock Market


Christopher Boamah-Mensah, Advisor Steven Trogdon
Eigenvalue approximations of the wave equation with local Kelvin-Voigt damping

Sol Dib, Advisor Bruce Peckham
Generalized Chimera States in Two Interacting Populations of Kuramoto Oscillators

John Fahnenstiel, Advisors Dalibor Froncek & Tereza Kovarova
Isomorphic Decompositions of Complete Graphs into Unicyclic Graphs

Ying Liu, Advisors Kang James & Barry James
Risk Estimation for Large Portfolio based on POET

Ian McGahan, Advisors Dalibor Froncek & Sylwia Cichacz-Przenioslo
Covering Cover Pebbling Number for Cartesian Products of Paths

Evan Oman, Advisor Bruce Peckham
Infinite levels of complexity in a family of one-dimensional singular dynamical systems

Levi Pederson, Advisor Yang Li
Mixed model analysis for repeated measures of lettuce growth

Erik Peterson, Advisor Bruce Peckham
An Application of Fractal Analysis and Wearable Tech to the Health of the Heart

Michael Ross, Advisors Dalibor Froncek & Steve Rosenberg
2-Swappability and Edge Reconstruction Number of Regular Graphs

Andrew Schneider, Advisor John Greene
Investigating Traces of Matrix Products

Aaron Shepanik, Advisors Dalibor Froncek & Petr Kovar
Graph Labelings and Tournament Scheduling

Inne Singgih, Advisors Dalibor Froncek & Sylwia Cichacz-Przenioslo
New Methods for Magic Total Labelings of Graphs

Danielle Stewart, Advisor Joseph Gallian
Even Harmonious Labelings of Disconnected Graphs

Yi Xiao, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
Likelihood Ratio Test of Covariance Matrices of Normal Distributions Proportional to Identity Matrix

Weitong Yin, Advisors Barry James & Steven Chiou
Weighted Kaplan-Meier Estimator For Different Sampling Methods


Katherine Borchert, Advisors Kang James & Xuan Li
A Study of Longitudinal Data Analysis with Applications

Long Chen, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
Extreme Value Theorem

Xiaowen Fang, Advisor Kang James
Recommender Systems & Applications

Brittany Fanning, Advisor John Greene
Periodic Behavior in a Class of Second Order Recurrence Relations Over the Integers

Wenchuan Guo, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
Central Limit Theorem for Testing the Equality of Covariance Matrices

Michal Hrabia, Advisors Kang James & Barry James
Estimation of Large Covariance Matrices using the POET Estimator

Shinjini Kar, Advisors Barry James & Xuan Li
Analyzing Demographic Risks in Long Term Care

Zhaobin Kuang, Advisors: Zhuangyi Liu & Richard Maclin
Asymptotic Expansion of Eigenvalues for an Abstract System of Coupled Evolution Equations

Xiao Li, Advisors Zhuangyi Liu & Barry James
S&P Effect and Investment Classification

Michael Lillegard, Advisor Dalibor Froncek
Magic Boxes and Related Topics

Zhengfei Rui, Advisor Steven Trogdon
Use of Chebyshev Polynomials to Construct L2 and Hilbert Space Inner Product to Solve Eigenvalue Problems With High Accuracy

Diwash Shrestha, Advisor Xuan Li
A Study of the Lee-Carter Model and Its Extensions, with an Application to US Mortality Data

Xuran Yan, Advisors: Kang James & Barry James
Multivariate Bayesian Logistic Regression

Ondrej Zjevik, Advisors John Greene & Dalibor Froncek
Symmetric Chain Decompositions of Partially Ordered Sets


Marie Helbach, Advisor Ron Regal
Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Time Trends in Hawk Migrations

Jana Hurkova, Advisor Harlan Stech
A Predator-Prey Model with Ratio-Dependent Food Processing Response

Samuel Judnick, Advisor John Greene
Patterns in Continued Fraction Expansions

Collin McCauley Van Ryn, Advisor Kang James
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Using Concepts From Information Theory

Xingguo Li, Advisor Kang James
L1 Regularized High-Dimensional Sparse Regression

Cassandra Quick, Advisor Kang James
Multivariate Multiple Regression Analysis with Application to Powerlifting Data

Lori Ann Schoenhard, Advisor Joseph Gallian
Even Harmonious Graphs

Fang Yuan, Advisor Kang James
Tests for the change-point of AR(1) model

Jeremiah Zblewski, Advisor Marshall Hampton
Lipidomic and Transcriptomic Analysis in a Mammalian Hibernator

Lin Zhang, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
CLT of Testing Independence of Normal Distributions for Arbitrary Partition

Xianwu Zhang, Advisor Barry James
Meeting Times of Taboo Random Walk On Bipartite Graph

Mengjie Zheng, Advisor Yongcheng Qi
Personalized Maximum Liklihood Estimation of Two-Parameter Exponential Distributions


Jacob Yunker, Advisor Dalibor Froncek
Graceful Labeling Necklace Graphs

Stephen Balamut, Advisor Dalibor Froncek
Group Distance Magic Labeling for the Cartesian Product of Cycles

Lindsay Baun, Advisors Kang James and Barry James
Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of the Correlation Between Two Single-Neuron Firing Rates

Brett David Bozyk, Advisor Bruce Peckham
Non-Analytic Singular Continuations of Complex Analytic Dynamical Systems

Jorge Castiblanco, Advisor Barry James
A Markov-Switching Dickey-Fuller Model of Purchasing Power Parity

Michael Stephen Cook, Advisor Marshall Hampton
The Tropical Geometry of Albouy-Chenciner Systems

Lin Dai, Advisors Barry James and Kang James
An Approximation for the Coupon Collector's Problem

Sarah N. Kabes, Advisor Bruce Peckham
The Transition Between the Complex Quadratic Map and the Henon Map

Kyle Krueger, Advisor John Greene
Two Types of Bit String Generating Functions

Xianjing Tang, Advisor Kang James
Regression on a Cylinder

Zizhen Wu, Advisors Barry James and Kang James
The Temporal Correlation between Two Random Processes

Changyu Yang, Advisor Kang James
Triangle Counting in Large Networks


Tom Sjoberg, Advisor Harlan Stech
Development of a Vegetation-Soil-Consumer Model with Harvesting

Kathleen Malevich, Advisor Carmen Latterell
The Accuracy and Validity of Online Homework Systems

Junmin Shi, Advisor Ron Regal
The alignment of mass spectra and identification of biomarkers of pancreatic cancer

Eric Erdmann, Advisor Kathryn Lenz
Strengths and Drawbacks of Voting Methods for Political Elections

Ann Litersky, Advisor Dalibor Froncek
Graceful Kayak Paddles

Hao Han, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu
Optimal Spring-Damper Location for a Beam-Spring System

Amy Virta, Advisor Marshall Hampton
Expression Patterns of Codon Usage and Homopolymers in the 13-Lined Ground Squirrel

Amy Schmidt, Advisor John Greene
Dodgson's Determinant: A Qualitative Analysis

By Trevor Brennan, Advisor John Greene
An Investigation of Erd s’ Method: A Scheme for Generating Carmichael Numbers


James Polsinelli, Advisors Barry James and Bruce Peckham
A Study of Probability and Ergodic theory with applications to Dynamical Systems

Wencheng Geng, Advisor Kang James
Application of Gap statistics to Penalized Model-Based Clustering

Laurence Hao-Ran Lin, Bruce. B. Peckham, Harlan W. Stech, and John Pastor
Enrichment in a Stoichiometric Model of Two Producers and One Consumer

Fang Chen, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu and Hongyi Chen
Exploring the Method to Assess the Effectiveness of Countermeasures for Proactive Traffic Safety Improvement

Ross Garberich, Advisor Ron Regal
The Economic Utilization of Patients with Refractory Angina

Hongbo Lin, Advisor Kang James
A Study of Robust Hybrids of LASSO and Ridge Regression and Applications

Garrett Taft, Advisor Bruce Peckham
Chaos, Attractors and the Lorenz Conjecture: Noninvertible Transitive Maps of Invariant Sets are Sensitive

Nan Zhang, Advisors Yongcheng Qi and Kang James
A Comparison Study of Estimation Methods for Non-regular Distributions

Qingtao Geng, Advisor Steven Trogdon
Use of Chebyshev Polynomials to Construct New Functions to Solve Partial Differential Equations With High Accuracy

Xiaoli Wang, Advisor Kang James and Debao Zhou
Stress Analysis of Biomaterial Cutting Process

Xinyuan Zhang, Advisor Bruce Peckham
Enrichment in a Producer-Consumer Model with varying rates of Stoichiometric Elimination

Fengying Miao, Advisor Ron Regal
Modeling Count Data from Hawk Migrations


Bryan Freyberg, Advisors Carmen Latterell and Harlan Stech
An Academic Trajectory of a Typical STEM Student

Wei Zhang, Advisor Kang James
Penalized Model-Based Clustering

Ronghua Zhu, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu
Active Control of Impulsive Noise

Qingzhao Wang, Advisor Steven Trogdon
Numerical Analysis of Cooling Effects of a Cylinder Head Water Jacket

Kristyna Korinkova, Advisor Marshall Hampton
Characterize Symmetric Non-Negative Homogenous Polynomials on Geometric Configurations

Jie Ren, Advisor Kang James
Spatially Correlated Mixture Models with Application in Genomic Hypothesis Testing


Ran Wei, Advisor Zhuangyi Liu
On a System of Wave Equation and Thermoelastic Equation Coupled at the Interface

Brad Jannesen, Advisor Ron Regal
Support Vector Machines for Binary Classification and its Applications

Lindsey Dietz, Advisor Barry James
What Makes a Champion? A Multivariate Analysis of Major League Baseball

Huimin Liu, Advisor Kang James
Generalized Additive Model

Xiaoxi Zhao, Advisor Kang James
Lasso and Its Applications