Math & Stats Research

Working with Students

Many of our faculty are involved in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), and some faculty can support student research through individual grants. Of course, graduate students also conduct research in partnership with our professors.

Focused Research

Our faculty members have expertise in a wide range of fields:

Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

Graph theory, combinatorial design - Dalibor Froncek

Graph theory, finite group theory, combinatorics - Joseph A. Gallian

Combinatorics, number theory, graph theory -John Greene 

Commutative algebra, graph theory - Bethany Kubik


Differential equations, scientific computation - Guihua Fei

Dynamical systems, computation, modeling, bioinformatics - Marshall Hampton

Optimal control theory, differential equations, approximation and parameter identification - Zhuangyi Liu

Population Dynamics - Angela Sharp

Fluid mechanics, computational methods - Steven Trogdon

Mathematics Education

Measurement and testing in mathematics education - Carmen Latterell

Instructional technology - Chad Pierson

Probability and Statistics

Modeling, mathematical ecology - Richard F. Green

Adaptive Clinical Trials, Biostatistics, Modeling with Financial Applications - Xuan Li

Applied probability, survival analysis, statistical genetics - Yongcheng Qi

Travel Support for Graduate Student Projects

Some funds are available to partially support travel by UMD graduate students for dissemination of their scholarly or artistic contributions associated with their graduate studies at UMD. An example might be presentation of research from a thesis at a meeting or conference. It is expected the student will attempt to garner other support of their travel through their advisor, program, department and college. Visit the UMD Graduate Program site's travel award page for more information.