These middle-schoolers are learning about genetic differences in tastebuds during a workshop hosted by our department during the annual Science & Engineering Day event.

Connecting with Our Community

Our faculty and students are involved in many outreach efforts.

Swenson college regularly hosts student tour groups that spend time with us getting hands-on experience in chemistry and biochemistry.

We also participate in Science and Engineering day, an event that gives hundreds of youth the opportunity to learn more about STEM fields. We design and offer activities that we hope will peak the interests of young minds and encourage more youth to consider STEM education and careers.

Learn more about outreach efforts on the Swenson College outreach site.

Current Students Benefit

Despite their busy schedules, many of our students participate in outreach efforts because of how rewarding the experiences can be.

There are opportunities to assist at one-time events for just a few hours, or longer stints by providing consistent in-school or after-school activities to kids in 4th and 5th grade. Volunteer opportunities are listed on the Swenson College outreach site along with more information on how to get involved, training and benefits provided.

Sharing what you've learned and inspiring young people can be helpful when deciding on a career path and give you great experience on how to relate scientific methods, theories and processes to others in a clear, understandable way.