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Earth & Environmental Sciences Department

Peter Bouchard conducting research in snow

Place Meets Purpose

Environmental science major Peter Bouchard is measuring the impact of a changing climate and changing population on snow hydrology.


Situated on the shore of the world's largest freshwater lake, we enjoy tremendous geological diversity in a haven for outdoor activity. And we take advantage of this fact as much as possible.

For undergraduates, we offer:

B.S. in Geological Sciences

B.S. in Environmental Science

We also offer a master's program in Geological Sciences and a Ph.D. program in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Department of Earth Sciences.

Strong Tradition of Research

Our department has a long history at UMD and we take great pride in a strong tradition of geology research, with many opportunities for field-based work and independent study.

Our commitment is reflected by the initiative of our faculty members in working with students through our highly rated Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Our MS and PhD programs offer opportunities for research in a wide range of fields, from solid-earth geology and tectonics, to Quaternary and climate studies, lacustrine geochemistry, basin modeling, economic geology, and planetary geology. Recent additions to our expanding faculty reflect a strong commitment to teaching and research in the most vital areas of earth science today.