Support Science & Engineering

College Initiatives

Every gift to the Swenson College of Science and Engineering is a vote of confidence in the future of the College. Make your gift for a purpose that is important to you.

Student Support

Make a gift to provide immediate support to science and engineering students struggling with this difficult economic time. Together we can make a difference.

Faculty Support

Outstanding faculty are at the core of UMD. They inspire students with their passion, sparking curiosity, and driving the search for answers to push the boundaries of science.

Check out this video of Large Lakes Observatory scientists talking about their passion for water research.

Renovation for Innovation 

Through renovation and updates to existing spaces on the UMD campus, out dated laboratories and classrooms transform into innovative engaged learning spaces designed for modern teaching practices . To support this initiative, contact Carrie Sutherland

Learn more about the renovation of the original science building.

Experiential Learning

Experiential takes learning to the next level - “Learning through reflection on doing."

A gift to support undergraduate research provides students with one-on-one experiences with faculty who are active in research, engages students in independent and critical thinking, and fosters problem-solving skills.