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Support Science & Engineering

Student in mask studying outside on the UMD campus

Emergency Fund Established

Make a gift to provide immediate support to science and engineering students struggling with this difficult economic time.

Thank you for continuing the legacy of success at UMD.

Your Gifts Make a Difference

Whether it's scholarship support, sponsoring student groups or honoring faculty, private gifts from donors open the door to a world of possibilities. For chemistry student Alexander King (pictured above), recipient of the  Robert W. Bayer Memorial Scholarship, it affords him the opportunity to work as undergraduate researcher with Professor Nemykin. Together Alex and Professor Nemykin are seeking answers to the question “What if plants could teach us how to build better solar panels?”  

College Initiatives

Artist Rendering of the CAMS Building

Every gift to the Swenson College of Science and Engineering is a vote of confidence in the future of the College. Your gift can be designated for a purpose that is important to you.
There are the many ways you can make a difference in science and engineering at UMD.

Honoring Educators

Brian Kobilka and Conrad Firling seat in Kobilka Hall

Outstanding faculty are at the core of UMD. They inspire students with their passion, sparking curiosity, and driving the search for answers to push the boundaries of science. 

Dr. Brian Kobilka (left), Nobel Prizer winner and UMD Alumnus seated with Dr. Conrad Firling (right)

Biology Professor Conrad Firling and Chemistry Professor Robert Carlson taught Dr. Kobilka as an undergraduate student at UMD. They set up a collaboration so their talented student could combine chemistry and molecular biology research. It was the first time Dr. Carlson and Dr. Firling set up that kind of interdisciplinary cooperation.