Student Clubs

The UMD Robotics Club is interdisciplinary and open to anyone with an interest in building and working with robots!

IEEE: UMD Student Chapter

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student chapter at UMD provides the opportunity for students who have strong interest in electrical and computing fields to meet and communicate with each other. We have two regular meetings each month in MWAH 102 and pizza is provided. During the meeting, we share the latest technology and information in the electrical and computer related fields, as well as the job opportunities, scholarship information. We also have lots of social actives such as movie nights, potlucks and a video game tournament.

UMD Robotics

UMD Robotics (formerly Battlebots) is a club devoted to inspiring students in science and technology. The club's activities involve getting together and having a good time while working on large projects or goals. In the past we've built battlebots to compete in nation-level competitions and racing drones to fly around when it isn't stormy outside. Any and all students who have an interest in making cool things are welcome to join!

Engineers Without Borders

This is a group with local and global reach. The focus is to design and complete engineering projects in order to build a better world and according to the national EWB organization we "empower communities to meet their basic human needs." On the national level, there are nearly 700 projects underway including work in 46 countries with more than 16,800 members. Plans are in the works to collaborate with another chapter to positively impact Guatemala. This club got started in the 2017-2018 school year and is primarily focused on recruiting members, raising funds and contributing to local projects.

Sustainable Energy Engineering

Bulldog Rocketry

Bulldog Rocketry gives students a chance to explore the designing, manufacturing, and testing of high-powered rockets in order to partake in the annual Space Grant Midwest High-Power Rocket Competition held by MnSGC & NASA.

Clean Snowmobile Club

The Clean Snowmobile Challenge team obtains a new production snowmobile every couple of years and redesigns many features in order to make the snowmobile faster, lighter, more reliable, and more efficient.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE is the largest professional group for women engineers (men can join too). Members are eligible for scholarships & awards. We participate in volunteer opportunities & professional development events. It's a great way to network with other engineers!