Computer Science Department

Summer classes 

Registration begins Monday, March 1

CS 1151 Intro to Programming in Python 

5/10-8/20/21  Online - R. Maclin

CS 4312 Operating Systems 

June 7, 2021 - July 30, 2021  Remote Online

Haiyang (Henry) Wang [email protected]

Lecture:  6:00-7:15pm MTWTh

Lab: 7:30-8:20 TW

If you need CS 4312 Operating Systems (it's an Advanced Course requirement in our program), please consider signing up for the course. You can take Operating Systems if you've completed CS 2511, CS 2521, and [CS 2531 or CS 3512 or MATH 3355]. Note that a grade of C- or better is required in all prerequisite courses. This might be a good opportunity to get some of your CS course requirements done over the summer wherever you live.

Scholarship Recipients for Academic Year 2020-2021


Differt Scholarship:           CS Scholarship:
Evan DeMorett                   Yongming He


CS Scholarship:                 CS Scholarship:
Corey Knutson                   John Pan

CS Scholarships: Jane Dylla and Caleb Rother

CS News Features

ACM-W Supporting, celebrating and advocating for Women in Computing

Assisted living robot shines at research showcase

About UMD Department of Computer Science

The Faculty and Staff in the Department of Computer Science are enthusiastic about the continually evolving field in computer science and the possibilities offered to UMD students.
Faculty conduct cutting-edge research, provide opportunities for students to get involved, and work with students to ensure success while pursuing an undergraduate degree. Students also have an opportunity to advance their education with pursuing a  M.S. degree in Computer Science.

Th Department of Computer Science mission encompasses four main goals:

  1. Conduct scholarly research
  2. Provide a learning environment that leads our students to careers and research
  3. Contribute to the liberal education mission of UMD
  4. Serve the community, region, state and the professions

Student Success

UMD students are doing amazing things, and the Department of Computer Science no exception.

ACM Club students meet weekly to discuss computer science related topics, take part in hackathons, participate in coding competitions such as the DigiKey Collegiate Computing Competition, and have guest speakers.

Women in Computing host undergraduate research project workshops for students to learn about the research process, graduate programs, and have an opportunity to get involved on a project with mentors.

Cutting-Edge Research

UMD Computer Science students work side-by-side with faculty to conduct research in a wide variety of areas. Students gain knowledge and experience submitting articles for journal publication and in giving conference presentations. In February 2019, UMD hosted regional MinneWIC Conference in which students won awards for their research.

Learn more about the types of research our faculty pursue and check out the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to learn how students from freshman through senior year conduct research.

Outreach & Opportunity

Community involvement is important for the Department of Computer Science to inspire young people to pursue STEM careers and computer science field.

program designed for elementary and middle school students to gain an introduction to computer programming and participate in activities organized by Swenson College of Science & Engineering Outreach.