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Civil Graduate Program

Civil Engineering Department

Matt McDermott got his undergraduate degree with us and is now pursuing a graduate degree. He hopes to improve our infrastructure by finding ways to strengthen hollow core concrete slabs.

Our Graduate Program

Civil Engineering M.S.

We offer a dynamic, hands-on program that ensures students are given the opportunity to conduct research using cutting-edge technology while working one-on-one with dedicated faculty.

The Civil Engineering Master of Science (MS) is intended for students pursuing a research emphasis and seeking in-depth knowledge in an area within civil engineering. Two options for completing this degree are offered - MS Plan A: Thesis Based and MS Plan B: Project Based.

Resources and forms for current M.S. students can be found at:

Completion of this plan requires an original body of work resulting from research conducted by the student under the supervision of an advisory committee of graduate faculty members. The MS is 20 credits of course work and 10 credit thesis (approximately 375 hours of work including writing the report) and is usually completed within two years. PDF iconPlan A Course Planning Form 




Course within Civil Engineering

6 - 20

5XXX or 8XXX, selected 4XXX

Course Outside of Civil Engineering


Selected 4XXX; 5XXX, 8XXX, must be approved by the student’s advisor and DGS 

Civil Engineering Course Thesis



30 Minimum


Completion of this plan requires 24 credits of coursework and 6 credits for a project (approximately 225 hours of work including writing of the report), usually completed within one to two years. PDF iconPlan B Course Planning Form




Courses within Civil Engineering

6 - 24

5XXX or 8XXX, selected 4XXX courses

Course Outside of Civil Engineering

0 - 18

Selected 4XXX; 5XXX, 8XXX

Course Project within Civil Engineering


CE 8094 - Master's Project


30 Minimum


Integrated Undergraduate Graduate Program - MS IUG 

The Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate program in Civil Engineering provides a unique opportunity for top students to seamlessly integrate their BS and MS degrees. Students typically apply to the program in their junior year and develop an integrated plan of study to complete a BSCE degree directly following by a thesis-based (Plan A) MS degree. Undergraduate students who are admitted into the Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate (IUG) Program can apply up to 9 credits of approved coursework to both their undergraduate (BSCE) and graduate (MSCE) degrees. Students must be admitted to the IUG program prior to taking courses in order to count toward graduate credits.

IUG application deadline
  • December 15th for Spring admission
  • July 15th for Fall admission
IUG application requirements
  • Letters of recommendation from two Civil Engineering faculty members
  • Minimum GPA of 3.35
  • Students must apply to IUG program at least two semesters before completing BSCE degree
  • Admission preference will be given to students committed to completing a thesis-based (Plan A) MS degree

Students that are interested are encouraged to begin talking with their advisor, the Director of Graduate Studies and/or the Department Head about this opportunity early in their undergraduate program.