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Research & Graduate Program

Civil Engineering Department

Matt Mcdermott

Building Strength

Matt McDermott got his undergraduate and graduate degrees with us. He worked on improving infrastructure by finding ways to strengthen hollow core concrete slabs for bridge decks.

Masters students are the heart of our graduate program and research.

Our MS Program

We train MS students through advanced coursework and hands-on research. Students work in close collaboration with faculty on projects that positively impact society.  Results of recent projects by UMD CE students and faculty are found in updated engineering design codes, peer reviewed publications, and changes in practice by state and federal infrastructure and resource management agencies.

Most students are fully funded for the duration of their MS studies.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental/Water Resources

Environmental/Water Resources Engineering includes hydrology (surface water and groundwater), hydraulic engineering, water resources analysis, and environmental fluid mechanics.


Geotechnical Engineering includes the study of mechanical behavior of geomaterials (soils and rocks), in relation to design and construction of civil engineering structures such as foundations, embankments and excavations.


Structural Engineering includes the planning, analysis and design of structures including buildings, bridges, parking structures, and stadiums.


Transportation Engineering focuses on traffic systems operations and safety, highway planning and design, and the maintenance and operation of transportation facilities.