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Research Publications

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Graduate Student Theses

Graduate students conduct research in an area of study as a part of their degree program. Below is reference information about the theses they developed and explored during their tenure at UMD. You can access the graduate students' theses via the UMN Digital Conservancy by referencing the publication information here.

Carson Powers Estimating File Compressibility Using File Extensions July 2021 Peter Peterson Thesis
Zakaria Daud Implementing an LSTM Seq2Seq Chatbot on the Cornell Movie Database June 2021 Ted Pedersen Project
Asif Mahmud Development of Experimental Protocol for Analyzing Arousal, Attention, and Language of Children With Communication Disorders Using Wearable Sensors During Child-Robot Interaction June 2021 Arshia Khan Project
Areeha Durrani Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Arrival Rates on the Performance of Distance-based Streaming Outlier Detection Algorithms May 2021 Eleazar Leal Thesis
Abdul Samad PIMMLI: Predictive In-Memory Multi-Level Indexing for Distributed Trajectory Streams May 2021 Eleazar Leal Thesis
Preethi Sankineni Solving Symmetric Functions Using a Majority Vote Algorithm May 2021 Andrew Sutton Thesis
Shawn Savela Sharing the Load Offloading

Processing and Improving Emotion Classification for the SoftBank Robot “Pepper"

May 2021 Arshia Khan Thesis
Brandon Geraci Developing a Concept Inventory and Active Learning for Common Computer Security Misconceptions January 2021 Peter Peterson Thesis

Mahsa Soufineyestani

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Listening to Nursery Rhymes December 2020 Arshia Khan Thesis
Saptarshi Sengupta Hyperpartisan News Detection using Logistic Regression and Convolutional Neural Network August 2020 Ted Pedersen Project
Manaswi Mannem

A Novel GPU Algorithm for Indexing Columnar Databases with Column Imprints

August 2020 Eleazar Leal Thesis
Sai Sumanth Kothapalli

Designing VR for Understanding Physiological Effects of Embodiment and Multi-sensory Modalities

August 2020 Peter Willemsen Thesis
Muhammad Gulfam

A Comparison of the Genetic Algorithm and the Mixing Genetic Algorithm

July 2020 Andrew Sutton Thesis
Jackson Houston

Hate Speech Detection in Twitter: A Selectively Trained Ensemble Method

June 2020 Richard Maclin Thesis
Madiha Mirza

Language Models for Interpretation of English Puns

January 2020 Ted Pedersen Project
Hamza Mustafa

Scalable GPU Algorithms for Similarity Query Processing and Clustering on Trajectory Data

November 2019 Eleazar Leal Thesis
Nisarg Thakur

Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning

August 2019 Richard Maclin Thesis
Bo Wen

Prediction of Swarm Popularity in Peer-to-Peer Networks

July 2019 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Yumna Anwar

Bipolar Disorder Predictive Model: A Study to Analyze and Predict Emotional Change Using Physiological Signals

July 2019 Arshia Khan Thesis
Christianah Adigun

Designing Immersive Virtual Environments for Cognitive Learning and Spatial Memory Tasks

June 2019 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Usman Gohar

Scalable Techniques for Trajectory Outlier Detection

June 2019 Eleazar Leal Thesis
Prateek Joshi

Understand the Similarity of Internet Service Providers via Peer-to-Peer User Interest Analysis

June 2019 Haiyang Wang Thesis
An Nguyen

Human Face Detection on Mobile Device

June 2019 Arshia Khan Thesis
Sagari Raju Vatchavayi

Heuristic Optimization of Wave Energy Converter Arrays

June 2019 Andrew Sutton Thesis
Aleksandar Straumann

Graph Embeddings for the Extraction of Compiler Provenance Features

May 2019 Peter Peterson Thesis
Mazin Jindeel

I just don’t get it: Common Security Misconceptions

May 2019 Peter Peterson Thesis
Zachary Patterson

Effects of Avatar Hand-size Modifications on Size Judgments of Familiar and Abstract Objects in Virtual Reality

May 2019 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Janna Madden

Algorithmically Recognizing Gait Variance from a Sensor-Based System

April 2019 Arshia Khan Thesis
Xinru Yan

Language Models in Humor Detection Plan B Project Presentation

April 2019 Ted Pedersen Project
Zhiyuan Peng

Enhancing Bittorrent-like Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution with Cloud Computing

Nov 2018 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Kushagra Kumar

Analyzing Commercial Peer-to-Peer File Synchronization via Distributed Active Measurement

August 2018 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Sai Praneeth Cheedella Impedance Control Algorithm for Physical Rehabilitation Robots   August 2018 Arshia Khan Thesis
Manikya Swathi Vallabhajosyula Hypernym Discovery over WordNet and English Corpora - using Hearst Patterns and Word Embeddings July 2018 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Noah Miller Comparing Interface Affordances for Controlling a Push Broom in VR July 2018 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Arshia Hassan Wandering Behavior Management Systems for Individuals with Dementia July 2018 Arshia Khan Thesis
Dennis Asamoah Owusu Modeling Outputs of Efficient Compressibility Estimators June 2018 Peter Peterson Thesis
Jonathan Beaulieu Adaptive Filesystem Compression for General Purpose Systems June 2018 Peter Peterson Thesis
William Jaros The Role of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Digital Learning: Comparing Matching Task Performance May 2018 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Vaclav Hasenohrl On the Runtime Dynamics of the Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm on Jump Functions May 2018 Andrew Sutton Thesis
Xue Gao User Intent Prediction Using Gaze and Gesture Data with Neural Networks May 2018 Pete Willemsen Project
Ankit Anand Gupta Length Hiding VPN to Mitigate Compression Side-Channel and Traffic Analysis Attacks  December 2017 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Rushmeet Bahra Monitoring Bipolar Disorder using Heart Rate, Sleep, and Mood Changes August 2017 Arshia Khan Thesis
Sandeep Vuppula From Scenarios to Optimally Allocated Timed Automata June 2017 Neda Saeedloei Thesis
Manoj Naik Prakash Tiling Euclidean Polygons Mapped From Their Hyperbolic Equivalent June 2017 Doug Dunham Thesis
Jonathan Rusert Language Evolves so Should WordNet - Automatically Extending WordNet with the Senses of Out of Vocabularty Lemmas May 2017 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Priyankana Basak A GUI for Defening Inductive Logic Programming Tasks for Novice Users March 2017 Rich Maclin Thesis
Puja S. Davande Implementation of breadth-First Search Method Based on a Randomly Chosen Bottom Clause for Inductive Logic Programming Method March 2017 Richard Maclin Thesis
Swetha Naidu Transforming Euclidean Object files to Hyperbolic data files. October 2016 Doug Dunham Thesis
Vamsidhar Reddy Kasireddy Establishing the Connection Between a Triply Periodic Polyhedron and its Hyperbolic Covering Tessellation July 2016 Doug Dunham Thesis
Nirav Sharda Modeling the Relationship Between a Hyperbolic Tessellation and a Corresponding Triply July 2016 Doug Dunham Thesis
Anicia Dcosta Utilizing the Redirected Walking Algorithm July 2016 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Preethi Chimerla Investigating Distance Perception in  Virtual Reality July 2016 Pete Willemsen Report
Mounika Chillamcherla Oh High Performance Cloud based File Synchronization with User Collaboration July 2016 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Bharath Bommana Towards Reliable User Collaboration over Cloud-based File Synchronization System: Dropbox as a Case Study August 2016 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Yan Bai Power Consumption of Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing: Measurement and Enhancement August 2016 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Ravikanth Repaka Efficiently Storing and Discovering Knowledge in Databases Via Inductive Logic Programming Implemented Directly in Databases October 2015 Rich Maclin Thesis
Vidya Attivilli An Automatic Tutoring System to Teach Microsoft Excel September 2015 Rich Maclin Thesis
Sarmad Siddiqui A Ray-Traced Sampling Framework for Visualizing and Improving Material Detail in Urban Energy Simulations with QUIC EnvSim August 2015 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Akshay Reddy Koppula Conducting Inductive Logic Programming Directly in Database Management Systems August 2015 Richard Maclin Thesis
Ranga Pallelra Measurement and Anhancement of Peer-to-Peer Based File Synchronization with Cloud Assistance August 2015 Haiyang Wang Thesis
Sai Charan Chitirala Comparing the Effectiveness of Automated Test Generation Tools Evosuite and TPALUS July 2015 Andrew Brooks Thesis
Shiva Chittamuru An Interactive Java Program to Generate Hyperbolic Repeating Patterns Based on Regular Tessellations Including Hyperbolic Circles and Horocycles July 2015 Doug Dunham Thesis
Sakethram Karumuri An Interactive JAVA Program to Generate Hyperbolic Repeating Patterns Based on Regular Tessellations Including Hyperbolic Lines Equidistant Curves July 2105 Doug Dunham Thesis
Venkata Movva Automatic Test Suite Generation July 2015 Andrew Brooks Thesis
Vishwanadh Vuggumudi A MPI-based Distributed Computation for Supporting Optimization of Urban Designes with QUIC EnvSim July 2015 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Mounika Alla An Interactive Java Program for Creating Regular Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns June 2015 Doug Dunham Project
Matthew Overby A High Performance Framework for Coupled Urban Microclimate November 2014 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Mihir Atmakuri A View of Snippet Retrieval August 2014 August 2014 Carolyn J Crouch Project
Praveen Katta Visualization of Algorithms with the Implementation of Sprites August 2014 Gary Shute Project

Venkataravikiran Ravva

Personalized Book Retrieval System Using Amazon-LibraryThing Collection August 2014 Carolyn J. Crouch Thesis

Lakshmi Lavanya Singampalli

Social Book Search: A Methodology that Combines Both Retrieval and Recommendation August 2014 Carolyn J. Crouch Thesis
Vamshi Thotempudi A Recommender System for Social Book Search August 2014 Carolyn J. Crouch Thesis
Ramakanth Vanga Hyperbolic Spline Curves Using a Weighted Average June 2014 Douglas Dunham Project

Rajesh Tripurneni

Semantic Parsing for Automatic Generation of SQL Queries Using Adaptive Boosting May 2014 Richard Maclin Thesis
Henry Helgen Human Computer Collaboration in Ranking Images April 2014 Douglas Dunham Project
Anand Jha An Approach to Improve Cluster Labeling and Evaluation February 2014 Donald B Crouch Thesis
Siva Sravani Gurram

Analyzing the Computations of Ray Tracing Using NVDIA OptiX

December 2013 Peter Willemsen Project
Maneesha Vejendla Generating Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns Based on Regular Tesselations Using an Applet December 2013 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Aishwarya Ashok A Java Application to Draw Repeating Euclidean Patterns November 2013 Douglas Dunham Project
Kiran Kumar Bushireddy Generating a Reference Set September 2013 Carolyn J. Crouch Thesis
Sameer Kulkarni Experiments in Nonfactoid Question Answering August 2013 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Swapnil Atmaram Nawale A Non-factoid Question Answering System for Tweet Contextualization August 2013 Donald Crouch Thesis
Aditya Vegesna Optimizing Urban Environmental Simulations using Boinc August 2013 Peter Willemsen Thesis
Sai Subramanyam Chittilla Parsing the Wiki Collection and Snippet Generation April 2013 Donald Crouch Thesis
Supraja Nagalla From Focused Elements to Snippets April 2013 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Kiran Kura A Novel Data Set for Semantic Parsing using SQL as a Formal Language September 2012 Richard Maclin Thesis
Mugdha Choudhari Extending the Hirst and St-Onge Measure of Semantic Relatedness for the Unified Medical Language System August 2012 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Christopher D. Becker Creating Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns Based on Regular Tessellations July 2012 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Scot Halverson Energy Transfer Ray Tracing with OptiX June 2012 Peter Willemsen Thesis
Srivishnu K. Satyavolu Self-Avatars and IR-based Position Tracking in Virtual Environments using Microsoft Kinects June 2012 Peter Willemsen Thesis
Bharat Siginam Adaptive Tile Coding Methods for the Generalization of Value Functions in the RL State Space March 2012 Richard Maclin Thesis
Joshua G. Clark A Fast and Efficient Simulation Framework for Modeling Heat Transport Jan 2012 Peter Willemsen Thesis
Michele C. Clark A Study of Real-Time Lighting Effects Jan 2012 Peter Willemsen Thesis
Dnyaneshwari Chandarana Designing an algorithm that transforms each pixel back to motif in a fundamental region Sep 2011 Doug Dunham Thesis
Lakshmi R. Pathi Covering Polyhedra by Motifs with Triangular Fundamental Regions Sep 2011 Doug Dunham Thesis
Reena R. Narendravarapu Improving Results for the INEX 2009 and 2010 Relevant in Context Tasks Aug 2011 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Radhika A. Banhatti Improving Results for the INEX 2009 Thorough and 2010 Efficiency Tasks Aug 2011 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Natasha D. Acquilla Improving Results for the 2009 and 2010 INEX Focused Tasks Aug 2011 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Bhagyashri A. Mahule A User Guide for Flex Aug 2011 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Chandana Nagalla Rewards and Recognition System Feb 2011 Pete Willemsen Project
Anand Janjal Register Renaming Sept 2010 Gary Shute


Dipesh Pandey Re-Engineering a Repeated Hyperbolic PatternProgram to Include Color Symmetry August 2010 Douglas Dunham Project
Ramakrishna Cherukuri Significance Testing for INEX 2008-09 Ad Hoc Track Aug 2010 Carolyn J. Crouch Thesis
Sathavahana Bhogapathi My Experiences with MPI August 2010 Pete Willemsen Project
Sridhar Uppala Experiments with Weighting Schemes in SMART August 2010 Donald Crouch


Sunil Vejandla Branch Prediction August 2010 Gary Shute Project
Vivek Kasireddy A Biclustering Method for Extracting Keyphrases to Describe Groups of Yeast Genes Aug 2010 Richard Maclin Thesis
Abhijeet P. Mahule Improving Results for the INEX Thorough Task Aug 2010 Carolyn J. Crouch Thesis
Michael L. Neilsen AIRS: An Architecture for Interactive Real-time Systems Aug 2010 Peter J. Willemsen Thesis
Sandeep Vadlamudi Producing Improved Results for the INEX Focused and Relevant in Context Tasks Aug 2010 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Md Ashraful Alam Experimenting with Various Web Services ToolkitAnd Their Support for Backward Computability January 2010 Douglas Dunham Project
Atul Kulkarni A Nearest Neighbor Approach Using Clustering on The Netflix Prize Data August 2009 Richard Maclin Project
Chaitanya Polumetla Improving Results for the Relevant in Context Task Aug 2009 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Dinesh H. Bhirud Focused Retrieval Using Upper Bound Methodology Aug 2009 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Pavan K. Poluri Focused Retrieval using Exact Methodology Aug 2009 Donald Crouch Thesis
Siddharth Sham Deokar Real-Time Snow Rendering Aug 2009 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Varada Kolhatkar An Extended Analysis of a Method of AllWords Sense Disambiguation Aug 2009 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Andrew Dean Larson DVPDS: An Open Source Data Analysis and Visual Programming Tool for Database Statistics Aug 2009 Richard Maclin, Pete Willemsen Thesis
Prasad P. Kulkarni Simulating Wing-Sensors on a Sailplane Airfoil To Evaluate Usefulness For Pilot Feedback Jul 2009 Christopher Prince Thesis
Varun Sudhakar Improving Results for the Best in Context Task July 2009 Donald Crouch Project
Bin Lan Grounder for Finite Domain SAT June 2009 Hudson Turner Project
Anurag Jain Watched Literals in a Finite Domain SAT Solver Sep 2008 Hudson Turner Thesis
Premchand Bellamkonda Rapid Simulation of the Great Depression 1929-1932 Sept 2008 Donald Crouch Project
Vishnu Pedireddi Large Scale Traffic Simulation on Graphics Hardware Sep 2008 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Aneerudh Naik Impact of Slope and Pivot Values on Dynamic Element Retrieval August 2008 Carolyn Crouch Project
Salil Bapat Improving Results for Focused and Relevance-in-Context Tasks Aug 2008 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Prafulla Bhalekar A Web-Based System to Assist in Detecting RWIS Sensor Malfunctions Aug 2008 Rich Maclin Thesis
Sarika Mehta Finding the Best Entry Point Aug 2008 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Ankur Nepalia Creating Repeating Patterns on Polyhedra Aug 2008 Doug Dunham Thesis
Shruti Pandey Methods for Approximating Forward Selection of Features in Information Retrieval Problems Using Machine Learning Methods Aug 2008 Rich Maclin Thesis
Darshan Paranjape Improving Focused Retrieval Jul 2008 Donald Crouch Thesis
Anagha H Kulkarni Further Evaluation of the Gogate et al Synchrony Measurement Algorithm Jun 2008 Chris Prince Project
Andrew Norgren GPU Based Particle Dispersion Modeling with Interactive Visualization Support for Real-time Simulation Jun 2008 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Amine Abou-Rjeili Solving Conformant Planning Using Chen's Determinizing Method May 2008 Hudson Turner Thesis
Nachiket Kamat Impact of Untagged Text in Dynamic Element Retrieval Aug 2007 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Vikram Malik Impact of Terminal Node Processing on Element Retrieval Aug 2007 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Ajit Marathe Incorporating Points at Infinity in a Hyperbolic Drawing Program Aug 2007 Doug Dunham Thesis
Vinayak Patil Tile Coding Reinforcement Learning for RoboCup Soccer Aug 2007 Rich Maclin Project
Neerja Vohra An Investigation: Using Lemur to Feed Flex July 2007 Carolyn Crouch Project
Umesh Maitipe Using Programmable Graphics Hardware for Real Time Free Animation with Simulated Wind Patterns Jul 2007 Pete Willemsen Thesis
Aditya Mone Dynamic Element Retrieval for Semi-Structured Documents Jul 2007 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Lalit Nookala Weather Impact on Traffic Conditions and Travel Time Oct 2006 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Vishal Bakshi Flexible Retrieval for the Semi-Structured Documents Aug 2006 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Satyanarayana Murthy Ganapathibhotla Query Processing in a Flexible Retrieval Environment Aug 2006 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Mahesh Joshi Kernel Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation and Abbreviation Expansion in the Medical Domain Aug 2006 Richard Maclin and Ted Pedersen Thesis
Apurva Padhye Comparing Supervised and Unsupervised Classification of Messages in the Enron Email Corpus Aug 2006 Ted Pedersen Thesis
David Wicklund Making the Most of SQL Views Jul 2006 Carolyn Crouch Project
Sameer Atar Generating Repeating Patterns on Subnets of Polyhedra Jul 2006 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Kedar Bhumkar Interactive Visualization of Hyperbolic Geometry using the Weierstrass Model Jul 2006 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Saiyam Kohli Introducing an Object Oriented Design to the Ngram Statistics Package Jul 2006 Ted Pedersen Project
Anagha K Kulkarni Unsupervised Context Discrimination and Automatic Cluster Stopping Jul 2006 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Aditya Polumetla Machine Learning Methods for the Detection of RWIS Sensor Malfunctions Jul 2006 Richard Maclin Thesis
Kai Xu Deciding Strong Equivalence of Causal Theories Jul 2006 C. Hudson Turner Project
Anoop Parlapalli Reddy Analysis of Synchronous and Asynchronous Video Using the SenseStream Program Mar 2006 Christopher Prince Project
Tarun Kapoor Generating Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns Sep 2005 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Sudip Khanna Design and Implementation of a Flexible Retrieval System Sep 2005 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Poorva Potnis Relevance Feedback in Flexible Retrieval Environment Sep 2005 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Ravindra Bharadia A Program to Display Semi-Regular Tessellations Of Hyperbolic Plane Sept 2005 Douglas Dunham Project
Nagendra Doddapaneni Effective Structured Query Processing Aug 2005 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Hemal Lal A Finite Domain Satisfiability Solver with Clause Leaning and Non-Chronological Backtracking Aug 2005 C. Hudson Turner Thesis
Sampanna Salunke Comparing Synchrony Detection Algorithms For Robotic Self-Other Discrimination Aug 2005 Christopher Prince Thesis
Varsha Kodali Characterization of Proteomics Maps Using Graph-Theoretical Methods August 2005 Gary Shute Project
Ajit Datar Generating Hyperbolic Patterns for Regular and Non-Regular P-Gons Jul 2005 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Jason Michelizzi Semantic Relatedness Applied to All Words Sense Disambiguation Jul 2005 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Pratheepan Raveendranathan Identifying Sets of Related Words on the World Wide Web Jul 2005 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Paul Gordon Using NICAN for the Monitoring and Reporting of Environmental Conditions on Multiple Nodes during the Execution of the Parallel Program GAMESS May 2005 Masha Sosonkina Project
Sumalatha Kuthadi Detection of Objects from High-Resolution Satellite Images May 2005 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Archna Yadav A State Space Approach to Arterial Travel Time Prediction May 2005 Carolyn Crouch Project
Suchitra Goopy Improving Usability of the Parallel Algebraic Recursive Multilevel Solver Dec 2004 Masha Sosonkina Project
Anushri Parsekar Blind Deconvolution of Vehicle Inductive Signatures for Travel Time Estimation Dec 2004 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Bridget Thomson-McInnes Extending the Log Likelihood Measure to Improve Collocation Identification Dec 2004 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Kailash Aurangabadkar Generating Subnets for Polyhedra Oct 2004 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Sachin Sharma Object Retrieval Based on Color Composition Oct 2004 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Archana Bellamkonda Automation of Content and Structure (or CAS) Query Processing Sep 2004 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Aniruddha Mahajan Flexible Retrieval in a Structured Environment Sep 2004 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Nitin Agarwal Extending the Stream Concept Aug 2004 Gary Shute Thesis
Yanhua Li Hyperbolic Spline Curves Using a Weighted Average Aug 2004 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Ashutosh Nagle A Finite Domain Satisfiability Solver with Negation Aug 2004 C. Hudson Turner Thesis
Prashant Rathi Development of Customizable Analytical Model of the Prostrate Anatomy for Training in Cryosurgical Related Procedures and Design of the Virtual Simulator Aug 2004 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Rashmi Kankaria A Tool for Constructing and Visualizing Tree Augmented Bayesian Networks for Survey Data Aug 2004 Richard Maclin Thesis
Amruta Purandare Unsupervised Word Sense Discrimination by Clustering Similar Contexts Aug 2004 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Anand Takale Constructing Predictive Models to Assess the Importance of Variables in Epidemiological Data Using a Genetic Algorithm System Employing Decision Trees Aug 2004 Richard Maclin Thesis
Deodatta Bhoite A Traffic Data Warehouse and Visualization Scheme Jul 2004 Richard Maclin Thesis
Nan Zhang Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) Special Events Traffic Flow Study Jul 2004 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Navdeep Kaur Empirical Analysis of Two Learning Techniques for Image Retrieval Jun 2004 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Ruinan Lu Parallel Algebraic Recursive Multilevel Solver to Tackle Difficult Sparse Linear Systems of Equations Jun 2004 Masha Sosonkina Project
Samuel Storie Aspects of Communication Subsystem Analysis for Distributed Scientific Applications May 2004 Masha Sosonkina Thesis
Kiran Vuppla Evaluation and Documentation of Two Synchrony Detection Implementations Apr 2004 Christopher Prince Thesis
Krishna Chengavalli Wearable Computing in the Reduction of Medical Errors Committed by Registered Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit Dec 2003 Piotr Windyga Thesis
Anand Sivaraman Improving the Efficiency of a Color-Based Image Retrieval System Dec 2003 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Srikanth Varanasi Modeling and Simulating Scenarios for Testing the Effects of Information Technology in the Reduction of Medical Errors Nov 2003 Piotr Windyga Thesis
Oleksandr Kosolapov The Effects of Category Information on Association Learning Tasks in Neural Network Models Oct 2003 Christopher Prince Thesis
Jayanta Nath Modeling Behavior Programming Language Design in a Rat Maze Simulator Oct 2003 Christopher Prince Project
Krishna Kotnana Conformant Planning as QBF Satisfiability Aug 2003 C. Hudson Turner Thesis
Sameer Apte Using the Extended Vector Space Model for Content-Oriented XML Retrieval Aug 2003 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Harsh Bapat Adapting the Extended Vector Space Model for Structured XML Retrieval Aug 2003 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Saif Mohammad Combining Lexical and Syntactic Features for Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation Aug 2003 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Siddharth Patwardhan Incorporating Dictionary and Corpus Information into a Context Vector Measure of Semantic Relatedness Aug 2003 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Sweta Sinha A Finite Domain Satisfiability Solver Aug 2003 C. Hudson Turner Thesis
Deepa Krishnamoorthy An Approach to Inclusion of Parallel Independent Sets in PARMS Mar 2003 Masha Sosonkina Thesis
Abhijit Parsekar A Unified Data Representation and Visualization of Patterns Based on Regular Tessellations in the Three 'Classical' Geometries Dec 2002 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Satanjeev Banerjee Adapting the Lesk Algorithm for Word Sense Disambiguation to WordNet Dec 2002 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Nitin Varma Identifying Word Translations in Parallel Corpora Using Measures of Association Dec 2002 Ted Pedersen Thesis
Zhuo Chen Determinizing in Conformant Planning Oct 2002 C. Hudson Turner Thesis
Nirish Dhruv Design of Large Scale Data Archival and Retrieval System for Transportation Sensor (Write-Once-Ready-Many Type) Data Oct 2002 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Inderjit Singh The Impact of Phrases on the Retrieval Effectiveness of Very Short Queries Aug 2002 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Kiranmai Kodukula Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Properties of Polypropylene Film Jun 2002 Timothy Colburn Project
Devdatta Kulkarni Using Dynamic Network Information to Improve the Runtime Performance of a Distributed Sparse Linear System Solution Jun 2002 Masha Sosonkina Thesis
Amit Lath Approximate Hyperbolic Splines and Their Transformations Jun 2002 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Kristy VanHornweder Extending the Application of Partial Order Bounding to Game Tree Search Jun 2002 Timothy Colburn Thesis
Srinivas Vadrevu Efficient Neural Network Training Using Subsets of Very Large Datasets Jun 2002 Richard Maclin Thesis
Aditi Paluskar User-Level Control of Scheduling in a Micro Kernel Operating System Dec 2001 Ted Pedersen Project
Shardul Vikram Some Experiments with Reinforcement Learning on Real World Robots Sep 2001 Richard Maclin Thesis
Steven Holtz Further Experiments in Improving Very Short Queries Jul 2001 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Alark Joshi Interactive Visualization of Models of Hyperbolic Geometry Jun 2001 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Anand Nagarajan Distributed Graph Coloring Algorithms in Linear Systems Jun 2001 Masha Sosonkina Thesis
Milton Luoma A Realistic Bayes Net for Predicting Type 2 Diabetes Jun 2001 Carolyn Crouch Project
Hariprasad Bommaganti A Novel Feature Subset Selection Approach May 2001 Richard Maclin Thesis
Gan Chen Providing Dynamic Network Information to Distributed Applications May 2001 Masha Sosonkina Thesis
Xiaochun (Shirley) Liu Deterministic Conformant Planning with the Causal Calculator May 2001 C. Hudson Turner Thesis
Kiranmayee Nakka Object-Oriented Graph Framework May 2001 Gary Shute Thesis
Haseen Alam Multi-channel Image Segmentation Dec 2000 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Ramesh Kizhappali Valkyrie: A Distributed System for Graph Visualization Jun 2000 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Vidyasagar Krishnamoorthy Object Oriented Graph Framework with Searcher Jun 2000 Gary Shute Thesis
Jayaraman Manni A Study of Object Oriented Design Patterns in the Development of a Framework May 2000 Gary Shute Thesis
Vishwas Raman A High Throughput Computing System with User-Initiated Checkpointing May 2000 Richard Maclin Thesis
Karthik Ramakrishnan Building a Piece-Wise Ensemble of Decision Tree Classifiers May 2000 Richard Maclin Thesis
Purushottam Kulkarni Some Methods for Parallelizing Decision Tree Learning May 2000 Richard Maclin Thesis
Ravi Terala Streaming Audio Player in Java Jan 2000 Gary Shute Project
Qingyan Chen Improving the Retrieval Effectiveness of Very Short Queries Sep 1999 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Guoqiang Zang From Concurrent STRIPS to Logic Programming August 1999 Hudson Turner Thesis
Dheeraj Reddy The Generation of Semi-Regular Tilings in the Hyperbolic Plane Using Complete Polygons July 1999 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Shakila Xavier Learning from Training Samples Jun 1999 Richard Maclin Thesis
Christopher Buck Applying Persistence to Priority Search Trees to Facilitate Multi-Dimensional Range Queries Jun 1999 Gary Shute Thesis
Gang Wu Polygon Area Decomposition with Near-Minimal Perimeter May 1999 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Rahul Naik Creating Classification Features for Biological Images Sep 1998 Richard Maclin Thesis
Norman Will Using the Web for Interactive Data Acquisition, Presentation and Analysis Sep 1998 Carolyn Crouch Project
Zhiyu (Sonny) Zhan Fuzzy Mathematical Approach to Color Recognition Aug 1998 Marian Stachowicz Thesis
Xiong Wang Generating Improved Queries for the World Wide Web Jul 1998 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Pilapakam Ramji Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Agent Environment Jul 1998 Richard Maclin Thesis
Vinod John Geometric Transformations of Motifs of Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns May 1998 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Sameer Pradhan A Generalized Approach to Computer Science Distance Learning May 1998 Donald B. Crouch Project
Xing Li Generating Objects in the Hyperbolic Plane Dec 1997 Douglas Dunham Project
Xi (Cissy) Zhang A Comparison of Information Retrieval Methods with Machine Learning Approaches Nov 1997 Carolyn Crouch and Richard Maclin Thesis
Bei Tang Decision-Theoretic Algorithms for Clustering Data Sep 1997 Marion Stachowicz Project
Lei Chen Generating Kaleidoscope Patterns in the Hyperbolic Plane Jul 1997 Douglas Dunham Project
Yunjiang Luo Using Relevance Feedback on TREC Jun 1997 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Tong Chen Using Smart for TREC Research May 1997 Carolyn Crouch Project
Ewa Kusmierek Synchronization of Java Threads May 1997 Gary Shute Thesis
Ravi Potluri Machine Learning Techniques For Automated Information Filtering Mar 1997 David Opitz Project
William Reichelt Feature Selection in Neural Networks: An Examination of Three Algorithms Feb 1997 Tim Colburn and David Opitz Project
N. R. Vaidyanathan Re-engineering MPI for a Multi-Homed Switched Network of Workstations Jan 1997 Gary Shute Project
Prathibha Gunaseelan Software Tools for a Compiler Project Sep 1996 Donald B. Crouch Project
Rahul Bora Information Retrieval and the TREC Database Aug 1996 Carolyn J. Crouch Project
Haichou Fan Adaptive Marching Cubes: A Fast 3D Surface Construction Algorithm Apr 1996 Douglas Dunham Thesis
Amit Jain Adaptive Marching Cubes Apr 1996 Douglas Dunham Project
Pankaj Agrawal Non-Uniform Image Processing: Feature Based Image Compression and Sub-Pixel Image Interpolation Mar 1996 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Shiaoling Peng Studies of Parallel Programming Feb 1996 Donald B. Crouch Project
Jingwen Wang A Hyperbolic Design Program Using the Motif/X11 Interface Nov 1995 Douglas Dunham Project
James Donohoe An OSDF/Motif Implementation of a Computer Graphic Program for Generating Repeating Patterns on the Hyperbolic Plane Sep 1995 Marian Stachowicz and Douglas Dunham Project
Harry Gehring An Interactive Tool to Support the Teaching of Compiler Construction Aug 1995 Donald B. Crouch Project
Nanbo Li A Computer Program to Generate Semi-regular Hyberbolic Tessellations Aug 1995 Douglas Dunham Project
Xiangsheng Xia Rectilinear Steiner Minimum Tree Problem Jul 1995 Gary Shute Thesis
David Axtell Neural Networks and Quantitative Structure-Activity Jul 1995 Timothy Colburn Thesis
Harvinder Bhela Monitoring Network Traffic Using SNMP Queries Apr 1995 Gary Shute Project
Randy Peterson Enhanced Associative Retrieval in a Connectionist Environment Dec 1994 Carolyn Crouch Thesis
Rajinder Singh Document Modification in a Connectionist Retrieval Model Aug 1994 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Ravishanker Nandiwada A Tuning Algorithm for Fuzzy Modeling Jul 1994 Marian Stachowicz Thesis
Manjari Yalavarthy Distributed Fractal Generation Using Remote Procedure Calls Jul 1994 Gary Shute Project
Chaohui Yang A Fuzzy Neural Integrated System and Its Applications in Modeling and Control Jul 1994 Marian Stachowicz Thesis
Parul Jain Visible Surface Determination using Ray Tracing and Transparency Jun 1994 Douglas Dunham Project
Craig Zwicky Restoring Files from the VMS/VAX Feb 1994 Mark Luker Project
Yi Sun Delay Optimization of Carry Lookahead Adders Using Dynamic Programming Aug 1993 Clark Thomborson Project
Paul D. Kopecky Parallel Programming Using RPC May 1993 Gary Shute Thesis
David D. Winslow A Neural Network Approach to the Prediction of S.E.C. Indictments May 1993 Timothy Colburn Project
Srikanth Varanasi Surface Determination in 3-D Using Volume Rendering Apr 1993 Douglas Dunham Project
Kanaiya Vasani A Network Management Tool Based on a Simple Network Management Protocol Mar 1993 Donald B. Crouch Project
Li Wei Displaying Three Dimensional Graphics with Contours and Hidden-Line Removal Aug 1992 Douglas Dunham Project
Shashikant Joshi Treasurers in an Art Gallery Jun 1992 Linda Deneen Thesis
Peter Tsai Rendering Objects in 3-Dimensional Hyperbolic Design Program May 1992 Douglas Dunham Project
Gary Anderson Maintenance and Interface Design for a Hyperbolic Design Program May 1992 Douglas Dunham Project
Xun Zhao An Interface for Transforming Information from TimberWolf to RanTer May 1992 Clark Thomborson Project
Amitabh Singhal Query Modification for Improved Information Retrieval Mar 1992 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Sudhamsa Gottipati An Improved Algorithm for Drawing Grid Surfaces Oct 1991 Douglas Dunham Project
Bokyung Yang Automatic Query Extension in Information Retrieval Sep 1991 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Yanzhang Lu Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems by Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms, and Neural Networks Sep 1991 Clark Thomborson Thesis
I-Chang Wen A Study in Software Engineering - Maintenance, Restructuring and Interfacing Aug 1991 Douglas Dunham Project
Sree Rama Peyyety A Proposal for Measurement Study of Ethernet Traffic Aug 1991 Clark Thomborson Project
Renato Milanesi Optimal Look-Ahead Adders Jul 1991 Clark Thomborson Thesis
James Fenno Heuristic Control of Constraint-Based Scheduling Jun 1991 Timothy Colburn Project
Ching Tsui A Backward Defeasible Reasoning System Mar 1991 Timothy Colburn Thesis
Jeanne Dezell Clustering and Partitioning Techniques for Creating Rectilinear Steiner Trees Oct 1990 Linda Deneen Thesis
Ningjian Wang Intelligent and Visual Modeling of Linear Programming Oct 1990 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Paul Durrant The Distributed Appointment Manager Sep 1990 Mark Luker Thesis
Krishna Mohan Nareddy A Connectionist Model for Information Retrieval Aug 1990 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Glenn Andreas Visual Navigation of the Search Process in a Clustered Document Space May 1989 Donald B. Crouch Thesis
Hui-Liang Low Matrix-Multiplication Problem Using Parallel Processing May 1989 Keith Pierce Project
Chi-Cheng Lin Showing Profile Curves and Hidden-Line Removal Algorithms May 1989 Douglas Dunham Project
Bridget Rogers Modifying CAP to Provide Unix File Serving on a LAN of Mixed Macintoshes and DOS PCs May 1989 Mark Luker Thesis
Clyde Rogers Enhancements to Ziv-Lempel Data Compression May 1989 Clark Thomborson