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Swenson College Collaborations

In addition to research entities within our college, we also partner with agencies that provide amazing opportunities for students to put their expertise to work solving real-world problems.

Center for Economic Development (CED)

UMD’s Center for Economic Development provides one-on-one services to business start-ups and existing businesses. For example, they work on:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Market research

  • Surveys and business plan development

  • Loan packaging

  • Operational and procurement assistance

  • Manufacturing

  • Management

  • Compliance issues (EPA, OSHA, Revenue and Tax

  • Information technology

Their programs include the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) Business Group, the 21st Century Arrowhead Initiative and the Student to Business Initiative.

Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI)

This Institute was established in 1983 to encourage economic growth for Minnesota's natural resource-based industries while keeping watch over the impact of that growth on the environment. Today, students, faculty and staff at NRRI conduct research that impacts Minnesota’s minerals, forest products, peat biomass and water-related industries.

Minnesota Sea Grant

With nearly 12,000 lakes and a coast on the world’s largest body of freshwater, Minnesota possesses a bounty of aquatic and coastal resources. Through scientific research and public education programs, Minnesota Sea Grant works to enhance and preserve Minnesota’s coastal environment and economy.

Viz Lab / MMAD Lab

The Viz and MMAD (Motion and Media Across Disciplines) Labs are exciting resources for faculty, graduate and undergraduate projects across the UMD campus. They currently host multi-disciplinary collaborations between faculty in theatre, digital arts, exercise science, mechanical engineering and computer science. By providing a dynamic multi-media environment for design and scientific study, we can pursue original research in the areas of animation, visual imaging, and scientific visualization.

The MMAD Lab’s high-tech resources includes 3D motion capture technology, a high definition video production studio space, virtual reality hardware and a sophisticated sound booth.

The Viz Lab offers great resources, too, with a photography studio, 3D printing, state-of-the-art projection and high-end cameras and recording devices.