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"In every class I’ve had here at UMD there’s a section on how what we do affects the world and our social responsibility, so I’ve incorporated that into this project. It’s at the heart of this project.” - Micki Grover

Student Success

UMD has allowed senior Micki Grover to figure out exactly what she wants.

She’s had internships, worked on sustainability projects and conducted research and it’s all fallen into place.

“I’m learning so much as an engineer and you have to constantly learn new things depending on a client’s needs,” said Micki.

You can read more about this student and her research. She's just one example of the many great things Bulldogs can accomplish.

  • Swenson College of Science and Engineering educates undergraduate and graduate students in the natural sciences, mathematical sciences, engineering, technology, and interdisciplinary work branching into these fields.

  • We provide students with a rigorous curriculum and innovative opportunities to collaborate with faculty in theoretical and applied research.

  • Our students participate in study abroad programs service activities, internships and research related to our disciplines adding to the breadth of their experience.

Choosing Swenson College means you will have the opportunity to:

  • Major in one of 23 programs within the natural sciences, mathematical sciences, engineering or technology, that can cross over and branch out into many other fields
  • Enhance your major with one of our 16 minors
  • Prepare for professional schools like dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, medicine, or veterinary by completing pre-requisite courses
  • Apply what you already know and will learn by working with our faculty through paid undergraduate research in your field of study

We help each student build a foundation for a career by teaching the substance and methods of an academic discipline, encouraging full participation in the liberal education opportunities of our campus, fostering meaningful scholarly research and serving the well-being of our community, state and region.