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Orientation/Newly Admitted

Students with Welcome Week signs

We Can't Wait to Meet You

This page provides details for new Swenson College students to help prepare for the upcoming semester.

Welcome to UMD and Swenson College!

Your Orientation session, coordinated through the Bulldog Resource Center, is important to becoming a Bulldog! 

Swenson College faculty and professional advisors look forward to working with each of you during this summer's ORIENTATION cycle. 
We recognize students beginning their first term at UMD are at different starting points. Help us help you, make sure you have submitted the SCSE Pre-Advising form.
To ensure you are prepared and ready for advisement and registration, please complete each step below. 

STEP 1: Determine how test scores and courses satisfy requirements

Earned college credit and transfer courses

Placement information

STEP 2: Learn academic program, major and UMD degree requirements

UMD Degree requirements

STEP 3: Preparing for Advising Meeting

Advising Tools  

Review your degree audit before and after registration

  • SCSE Guide to APAS: How to log-in and how to generate major and transfer reports
    Generate a "What if" APAS to view your major

STEP 4: Preparing for Virtual Registration (Orientation Day)

MyU> Academics> Student Tools> APAS 

SCSE Guide to APASReview your APAS before and after registration

Adding courses to your Shopping Cart 

UMD's How to Guides and Registration Guidelines

Shopping Cart Review

  • After Advising meeting; add recommended courses to your shopping cart (choosing open sections and do not waitlist)
  • Email: to request a review of your "shopping cart"  prior to your orientation day.

STEP 5: SCSE Orientation Registration Day

The night before your orientation day

  • View your shopping cart to confirm open courses, shift as needed
  • Check your UMD email for your zoom link invitation

The morning of orientation

Enroll in Courses: refresh yourself on how to register

  1. You may register for your courses shortly after 8 a.m. 
  2. Join the SCSE Virtual Advising Office by 9 a.m. for registration confirmation
  3. Meet with students in your major and SCSE
  4. Celebrate registering for your first term!

Get to know Additional Academic Support Services

After the first term, students will meet with their assigned faculty or professional advisor to discuss course selection and then will register for courses on their own through the web registration system. Students are welcome to come to Swenson College Advising and Academic Services office with questions. We are here to help. Additional information is found in the Registration Guidelines.