Duluth Journal of Undergraduate Biology

BIOL 3011: Writing for the Duluth Journal of Undergraduate Biology

The Duluth Journal of Undergraduate Biology (DJUB) is an open-access, online and peer reviewed journal produced by undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

The mission of this journal is to publish innovative, original work that advances the field of biology. All articles published by DJUB are written and edited by UMD undergraduates and recent undergraduate alumni.

Learning by Doing

The production of DJUB educates students about the process of producing a professional scientific publication. Furthermore, DJUB allows undergraduate students to bring their exceptional scientific research and analysis to a broad audience with general scientific understanding.

Undergraduates involved in the publishing of DJUB achieve several goals:

  • through hands on experience, students become editors and practice the scientific publication process by editing a variety of scholarly scientific articles produced by other undergrads;
  • through preparation of manuscripts, students gain the opportunity to learn how to professionally communicate biological analysis to a wide audience; and
  • through the inspiration of student researchers to participate in their own research projects, the students enrich their undergraduate experience at UMD.

All of these goals strive to better prepare students of biology for success at the professional-level.

Through publication, students move their work into the larger biology community where other can utilize their creative ideas.

Students interested in becoming authors or editing for the journal should check out the DJUB application.