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Undergraduate Programs We Offer

Computer Science B.S.

Computer Science B.A.

Computer Science Minor

For a complete listing of Computer Science Courses - visit the Public Course Catalog. Enter "Duluth" in the Institution and Campus fields and enter "CS" for Subject Area, then click "Search".

We are excited about the opportunities for students that choose our programs. During their college years, they can look forward to a high-quality class and lab experience as well as research opportunities that provide an excellent skill set for today's job market. This is demonstrated by the high employment rate and successful careers of our graduates. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Our Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

We're one of only two accredited Computer Science Bachelor Degree programs in the state of MN!

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Fall 2019 Course Renumbering

old course #new course #dual listed? 
45313541noSoftware Engineering
46114322yesDatabase Management Systems
48214332yesComputer Security
55114112yesAdv Theory of Computation
55214122yesAdv Algorithms and Data Structures
55414222yesArtificial Intelligence
56214412yesComputer Architecture
56314312yesOperating Systems
56414342yesCompiler Design
56514422yesComputer Networks
57214212yesComputer Graphics
57514232yesIntro to Machine Learning and Data Mining
57614242yesIntroduction to Natural Language Processing
86515652noHuman Computer Interaction
87215612noAdvanced Computer Graphics
88215732noAdvanced Computer Security
new course #old course #dual listed? 
35414531noSoftware Engineering
41125511yesAdv Theory of Computation
41225521yesAdv Algorithms and Data Structures
42125721yesComputer Graphics
42225541yesArtificial Intelligence
42325751yesIntro to Machine Learning and Data Mining
42425761yesIntroduction to Natural Language Processing
43125631yesOperating Systems
43224611yesDatabase Management Systems
43324821yesComputer Security
43425641yesCompiler Design
44125621yesComputer Architecture
44225651yesComputer Networks
56128721noAdvanced Computer Graphics
56528651noHuman Computer Interaction
57328821noAdvanced Computer Security