One of our unique resources is the Blue Heron, a research vessel on Lake Superior that UMD faculty and students use to conduct important research.


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to excellence in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. With our dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, our Department offers a unique environment for our students to excel in research, new discoveries, and a culture of life-long learning.

What makes our research program unique is the close working relationship between students and faculty and our commitment to one-on-one mentoring. Our areas of expertise span a wide range of topics in biological, organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry.

Inorganic & Bio-Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Steven Berry

Dr. Anne Hinderliter

Dr. Viktor Zhdankin


Dr. Steven Berry

Dr. Ahmed Heikal

Dr. Anne Hinderliter

Dr. Joseph Johnson

Dr. Venkatram Mereddy

Dr. Erin D. Sheets

Dr. Jacob Wainman

Drug Discoveries

Dr. Peter Grundt

Dr. Venkatram Mereddy

Computational Chemistry

Dr. Alessandro Cembran

Dr. Paul Kiprof

Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Luke Busta

Dr. Melissa Maurer-Jones

Environmental and Aquatic Chemistry

Dr. Elizabeth Austin-Minor

Dr. Kathryn Schreiner

Dr. Byron Steinman

Dr. Bridget Ulrich

Materials Science Chemistry

Dr. Robert Carlson 

Dr. Brian Hinderliter

Dr. Prashanth Poddutoori 

Biomedical Science

Dr. Benjamin Clarke

Dr. Robert Cormier

Dr. Lester R. Drewes

Dr. Sara Zimmer

Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. Grant Anderson

Dr. Amanda Klein

Dr. Jon Rumbley

Chemical Engineering

Dr. Victor Lai

Dr. Sam Toan

Dr. Zhihua Xu

Chemistry Education

Dr. Jacob Wainman