Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Swenson College, we educate undergraduate and graduate students in the natural sciences, mathematical sciences, engineering, technology, and interdisciplinary work branching into these fields.

We provide students with a rigorous curriculum and innovative opportunities to collaborate with faculty in theoretical and applied research and service activities related to our disciplines. Students are prepared to: solve problems that benefit society; be members of the work force; and be successful participants in professional and other advanced degree programs.

Our faculty are actively engaged in professional and institutional service and outreach efforts in the community.

Our Vision

We will build upon a tradition of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research to become a destination of choice for highly qualified faculty and students.

  • We will be nationally recognized for the preparation and quality of our graduates.

  • We will be nationally and internationally recognized for the quality and impact of our research.

  • We will seek out and attract the most qualified students for both our undergraduate and graduate programs, and prioritize timely completion of their degrees.

  • Our graduate programs will continue to value and foster Master's education and research, while developing doctoral programs that leverage collegiate and regional expertise.

  • We will integrate our industrial partners into our undergraduate and graduate education and research.

  • We will increase and value the diversity among our students, faculty, and staff.