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New Tools to Advance Science

We recently sat down with Dr. Jay Austin, who researches physical limnology (the study of lakes) with a focus on Lake Superior ice cover and the impact of climate change.


Olympic gold medalist in curling John Shuster met with a UMD physics class for a collision theory/curling lesson

UMD's Marshall Alworth Planetarium celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo11 Moon Landing on July 20.

In an attempt to answer novel and complex questions, UMD’s LLO deploys equipment designed to take data from Lake Superior.

The Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium has a new director Jessica Herrington and she’s excited to share her ideas with us!

Planetary Scientist Roger Wiens, who named a rock on Mars "Duluth," speaks at UMD on October 10.

A UMD student and a faculty member study neutrinos 500 miles apart.

UMD student conducts research on Lake Superior and ocean internal tide theory.