Current Students

Helpful Resources

We do whatever we can to help our students succeed. To ensure they do well after graduation, we have created a well-rounded and demanding curriculum that requires a great deal of effort.

Student Handbook - Provides more details on this as well as admissions requirements, policies, traditions and resources.

Your Advisor

Each Chemical Engineering student has an individual advisor who is available to meet with him or her any time during the semester.

Advisors check to make sure students are on track and will help with:

  • Class scheduling
  • Sharing information about a co-op or internship
  • Sharing information about research opportunities
  • Offering career guidance or information about graduate school

Technology Needs

UMD students are required to own a laptop computer. However, desktop computers are available to students in labs at several locations on campus, including Engr 204.

At a minimum, you will need a wireless connection, MS Office software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and web browsers. 

You can consult the UMD Computer store for help selecting a computer that works best within the campus network. Software is also available for students at a substantial academic discount from the campus computer store and ITSS.

More details are available on technology needs via the Swenson College technology page.

Calculators are also needed and any scientific/engineering calculator will suffice.

Study Abroad

Many of our students have taken advantage of UMD's Study Abroad programs to visit Australia, China, England, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Spain, and Sweden (just to name a few). Check it out if you're interested!

Popular Campus Resources

The Tutoring Center on the second floor of the library can help you with many subjects and the Writer's Workshop helps students improve their writing skills and will look over your project with you to offer writing advice.