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Program & Course Information

Courses and more details about the MEHS program can be found via the catalog page for Master of Environmental Health & Safety (M.E.H.S.)

Effective Fall 2018, the MEHS program will follow Plan C degree requirements.  33 major credits will be required to graduate with no credits required outside the major.  A capstone project carried out in conjunction with an EHS-related internship is required as part of the 3-credit Internship course requirement.

  • The Plan C capstone project requires a student to apply knowledge and skills acquired from the M.E.H.S. coursework and demonstrate their mastery of E.H.S. related material and concepts in identifying and addressing a particular concern.

  • The project is part of a minimum six-week cooperative internship conducted in an industrial, governmental, or other organization having an established safety program or in the process of implementing a safety program.

  • An executive summary (2-page maximum) of the project must be submitted and approved by the student’s advisor.   Once approved, the capstone project must be presented orally by the student at one of up to four presentation days scheduled throughout the academic year.

In addition, a minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for students to remain in good standing and at least two semesters in residence are required.

SAFE 6997 Details and Forms 

Plan B reports (for students who started program prior to Fall 2018)

For students who started the program prior to Fall 2018, you will need to complete a Plan B project for SAFE 6997 internship.  Details on the Plan B are in the document listed below.

Plan B details (For students who started prior to Fall 2018)