Support LLO

Here are things you can help us with: 

Global exploration. Some of Earth’s largest lakes are located in distant lands. LLO has a long and successful track record of doing work in these far-flung places. Support is needed for students to undertake international research, improving knowledge, adding to students' global perspectives, and increasing international understanding.

Graduate student fellowships. Graduate students push scientific frontiers when they work on their advanced degrees at LLO. They improve our understanding of large lakes while preparing themselves to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Lake Superior Research. Our big, beautiful lake is one of the genuine treasures of planet Earth. LLO contributes to our understanding of the lake from, as we like to say, “physics to fish”. Lake Superior holds many scientific mysteries and we can use your help in solving them.

Undergraduate education. Many of our UMD students have a chance to share in the thrill of scientific discovery at LLO but with your help even more could. Funding to support undergraduate research or to give students genuine field experience on one of Earth’s largest lakes is a high priority at LLO.

Buildings and infrastructure. As science progresses the things needed for further advances get bigger and more expensive. We depend on instrumentation. We depend on boats. We at LLO occupy UMD’s oldest building, a 100-year-old elementary school that has been partially renovated to support 21st century science. We are looking for benefactors who want to make a huge difference and stimulate a quantum leap in the work done at LLO by helping us create our next home.