Biogeochemistry Laboratories

The biogeochemistry laboratories at LLO are focused on the analysis of the organic and inorganic components of natural samples. Currently, the labs house a UIC carbon coulometer, UV/vis spectrophotometers, as well as Gas Chromatograph and GC/Mass Spectrometer systems for organic geochemical analyses.

Specialized Equipment

Additionally, the biogeochemistry labs house an Agilent 1260/6460 LC/MS/MS. This triple quadropole LC/MS system has APPI, APCI and ESI sources, a diode array detector, autosampler and fraction collector.

The labs also contain a Shimadzu TOC-VSH Total Carbon Analyzer, a HPLC for analysis and fraction collection, a Nicolet FTIR, a scanning UV-Visible light spectrophotometer, and an epifluorescence microscope.

Contact Sarah Grosshuesch or Julia Halbur regarding analytical services.