Integrated Biosciences

Students conducting research at LLO can earn M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the biological sciences through the multi-disciplinary university-wide Integrated Biosciences (IBS) program (on both the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses) or through the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior and Conservation Sciences programs on the Twin Cities campus. The IBS Program website provides course lists, degree requirements, and application deadlines.

Potential advisors at LLO include:

These programs span biology, biochemistry, and ecology.

Past/ongoing projects include:

  • Dreissenid mussels, nutrients and food webs in MN lakes
  • Lake Superior Plankton and Stoichiometry
  • Anaerobic microbial processes
  • Metagenomics of Lake Superior Sediments
  • Microbial ecology of sub-ice, aquatic microbial communities
  • Nutrient limitation of periphyton in large, oligotrophic lakes
  • Winter limnology: communities and food webs on ice
  • Characteristics, influence, and sensitivity of ice cover on the Great Lakes