Search FAQ

Where do I apply for a faculty position?

We want you to join our team! Go to the University of Minnesota HR job portal and search for the relevant job opening ID number.

Biology:  343775

Computer Science: 343782

Electrical Engineering:  343777

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering: 343784

Physics & Astronomy: 343785

What documents will I need to apply for a faculty position?

You will upload four separate documents as PDFs.

  1. An anonymized research and teaching statement. 
  2. A statement that demonstrates a commitment to justice, equity, inclusion, and a diverse (JEDI) student population.
  3. A normal curriculum vita.
  4. A list of four professional references with contact information and a brief description of their relationship to you. 

The only “cover letter” you will need is to simply state that you are applying for a specific position, so that we can ensure that your application is sorted appropriately. The search committee will not be viewing the “cover letter”.

What do you mean by an anonymized research and teaching statement? 

We know that people are directly or indirectly influenced by high profile PIs, institutions, and journals. Yet we recognize that gaining access and taking advantage of those opportunities can be limited to those with the connections.

We anticipate that minor tweaking of your existing research and teaching statement will be needed.

For example, a typical sentence in the research section might be as follows:

“When I was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Big Shot’s group, I did this amazing science, which resulted in fifteen Science and Nature papers. …”

For the anonymized document, this statement may be edited as follows:

“When I was a postdoctoral fellow, I did this amazing science (“Fluorescence microscopy illuminates the secret of life.”). …” [Please cite only article titles, NOT journal titles and other citation details].

Basically, you will be eliminating the name dropping in this document. Also, please ensure that you do not include your name anywhere in this document, including headers and footers.

What does anonymization mean for the JEDI statement? 

We recognize that your lived experiences will inform what you include in this document, and we want you to describe these experiences fully. Feel free to describe that recognition you received or specific committee or community work that you have done. Talk about your experiences. However, please do not include your name anywhere in this document, including headers and footers.

What about the CV?

Many studies have shown that evaluators have implicit biases based on gender and ethnicities, which can have immediate impact upon whether a candidate is viewed favorably. As a way to mitigate this bias, the CV will be viewed later in process, as described below. 

You will submit your normal CV. It will NOT be anonymized! 

What about recommendation letters? 

We recognize that recommendation letters can unduly influence search committee based upon the identities of the letter writers as well as the content of the letters, which can also be biased. We are not asking for letters of recommendation. Rather, we ask you to submit a document with a list of four professional references with their contact information. Also, please include a brief description (a sentence is fine) of their relationship to you. The search committee will be calling the references after the initial screening. 

What is the process for evaluating applications?

When you submit your application, we will de-identify and decouple the two statements (research and teaching and the JEDI) from each other. The two documents will be evaluated by the search committee using well-defined rubrics for each document. The top groups of statements will be identified as the pool from which semi-finalists will be identified.

At this point, the research and teaching and JEDI statements will be recoupled with the rest of the application (CV and reference list), and the candidate names will be unveiled to the committee. The search committee will interview the semi-finalists over Zoom (questions and rubrics should be shared with you prior to these interviews). References will be contacted.

Finalists will be invited for on-campus interviews to meet faculty, staff, and students in the Department and from across Swenson College.


Email Associate Dean Erin Sheets with any questions about the general search process.

Email the department search chair with any questions about the Department and its search. You can find the contact information for the department search chair on the main SCSE faculty search page.