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Ecology, Organismal & Population (EOP) Biology Faculty

Gerald Ankley: Biological efects of chemical contaminants in environment

Richard Axler: Applied limnology and aquatic ecology/water quality 

Valerie Brady: Invertebrate ecology, wetland ecology

Donn Branstrator: Plankton biology and limnology

Terry Brown: Application of computing and simulation techniques to enhance understanding of ecosystem behavior and conservation

Timothy Craig: Plant-insect interactions, speciation, co-evolution

Salli Dymond: Watershed and forest hydrology, forest ecohydrology, tree ecophysiology (especially relating to tree water use), vadose zone hydrology, and isotope hydrology

Julie Etterson: Plant evolution in response to anthropogenic change

Matthew Etterson: Population ecology, avian demographic modeling and risk assessment, life-history evolution

Alexis GrindeAvian and wildlife ecology, habitat management and conservation. 

Briana Gross: Origin and evolution of wild, weedy, and domesticated plants

Amanda Grusz: Botany, systematics, genomics, and evolution

Dustin Haines: Plant, invasion, and restoration ecology

Randall Hicks: Ecology and molecular biology of aquatic microorganisms

Joel Hoffman: Fish ecology, coastal processes

George Host: Landscape ecology, forest ecology

Tom Hrabik: Aquatic ecology, fisheries, hydroacoustics

Lucinda Johnson: Aquatic ecology, landscape ecology, environmental indicators

Rodney D. Johnson: Development and evaluation of long-term testing protocols for assessing the effects of EDCs and reproductive toxicants in small fish

Allen Mensinger: Neural mechanism of behavior

Ron Moen: Habitat and space use by herbivores and carnivores

David Mount: Contaminant effects in water and sediment

Gerald Niemi: Ornithology and natural resource development issues

Ted Ozersky: Limnology, aquatic ecology, nutrient and energy dynamics

John Pastor: Ecosystems ecology and mathematical biology

Charlotte Roy: Population ecology, avian ecology, wildlife conservation and management

Greg Sass: Fisheries ecology and management

Jessica Savage: Plant physiology, physiological ecology and plant-environment interactions

Patrick Schoff: Ecological stressors, developmental ecotoxicology

Cody Shiek: Geomicrobiology andmicrobial ecology of large lakes, glaciated ecosystems and deep-ocean hydrothermal vents

Kristine Snyder: Computational neuromechanics

Robert Sterner: Ecological stoichiometry, biological limnology and carbon: nutrient biogeochemistry

Jared Strasburg: Speciation and adaptation, genetic and genomic bases of species differences and species boundaries

Steve WindelsForaging ecology and space use of birds and mammals, predator-prey interactions, and wildlife conservation in protected areas