Chemical Biology Faculty

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Steve Berry: Metalloprotein engineering, metal binding site design

Robert Carlson: Synthesis of chemicals compounds of pharmaceutical importance

Alessandro Cembran: Computational modeling of protein function

Lester Drewes: Cerebral vascular biology

Anne Hinderliter: Membrane-localized phenomena

Joseph Johnson: Characterization of protein-protein interactions

Carlie LaLone: Evaluate protein sequence and structural conservation for cross species extrapolation of chemical effects

Venkatram Mereddy: Discovery of new synthetic methods and reagents

Jon Rumbley: Protein folding, protein thermodynamics

Guy Sander: Metabolic engineering of plant systems; fungal enzyme degradation of lignocellulose; micropollutant fate of wastewater treatment

Erin Sheets: Immunoglobulin E (IgE) receptor signaling

Eric Singsaas: Plant physiology and biochemistry, biorefinery technology and natural materials development

Viktor Zhdankin: Synthetic organic chemistry