Dr. Jared Strasburg

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Assistant Professor



  • B.S., 1997, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • Ph.D., 2004, Washington University in St. Louis

Curriculum Vitae 

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My research interests can be broadly summed up in two related questions: what role does hybridization play in speciation and adaptation, and what are the genetic and genomic bases of species differences and species boundaries? My research has included a diverse range of taxa including flowering plants, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods; currently research in my lab focuses on annual sunflowers (genus Helianthus). We use both empirical and simulation-based approaches to investigate the population genetics and genomics of hybridization, speciation, and adaptation in this group and more generally.

Recent Publications

  • Strasburg JL, Rieseberg LH (in press) Methodological challenges to realizing the potential of hybridization research. Journal of Evolutionary BiologY.

  • Sambatti JBM, Strasburg JL, Ortiz-Barrientos D, et al. (2012) Reconciling extremely strong barriers with high levels of gene exchange in annual sunflowers. Evolution 66, 1459-1473.

  • Strasburg JL, Sherman NA, Wright KM, et al. (2012) What can patterns of differentiation across plant genomes tell us about adaptation and speciation? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 367, 364-373.

  • Strasburg JL, Rieseberg LH (2011) Interpreting the estimated timing of migration

  • events between hybridizing species. Molecular Ecology 20, 2353-2366.

  • Strasburg JL, Kane NC, Raduski AR, et al. (2011) Effective population size is

  • positively correlated with levels of adaptive divergence among annual sunflowers. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28, 1569-1580.

  • Blackman BK, Rasmussen DA, Strasburg JL, et al. (2011) Contributions of flowering

  • time genes to sunflower domestication and improvement. Genetics 187, 271-287.

  • Blackman BK, Strasburg JL, Raduski AR, et al. (2010) The role of recently derived FT paralogs in sunflower domestication. Current Biology 20, 629-635.

  • Raduski AR, Rieseberg LH, and Strasburg JL (2010) Effective population size, gene flow, and species status in a narrow endemic sunflower, Helianthus neglectus, compared to its widespread sister species, H. petiolaris. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 11, 492-506.

  • Strasburg JL, Rieseberg LH (2010) How robust are “Isolation with Migration” analyses to violations of the IM model? A simulation study. Molecular Biology and Evolution 27, 297-310.

  • Strasburg JL, Scotti-Saintagne C, Scotti I, Lai Z, Rieseberg LH (2009) Genomic patterns of adaptive divergence between chromosomally differentiated sunflower species. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26, 1341-1355.


  • BIOL 3987 - Biology Seminar

  • BIOL 4802 - Evolution

  • BIOL 5233 - Genomics

Recently Completed Graduate Students

  • Jessica Rick(M.S., Integrated Biosciences)

  • Tessa Tjepkes (M.S., Integrated Biosciences)