Timothy Craig

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  • B.S., 1980, Kansas State University
  • M.S. 1984, Northern Arizona University
  • Ph.D. 1987, Northern Arizona University

Curriculum Vitae


Speciation, Plant-Insect-Parasitoid Interactions, Population Dynamics, Insect Behavior

Recent Publications

  • Craig, T. P. 2014. “Ecological Speciation" in Oxford Bibliographies in Evolutionary Biology, in press

  • Hafdahl, C. E. and T. P. Craig. 2014. Flowering phenology in Solidago altissima; adaptive strategies against temporal variation in temperature. Journal of Plant Interactions 9(1) 122-127. DOI:10.1080/17429145.2013.777478

  • Craig, T. P., J. K. Itami, M. D. Dixon, and T. R. Hams.  2012.  Indirect evolutionary interactions in a multitrophic interaction. Trait-mediated Indirect Interactions: Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives. Pages 244-256 in T. Ohgushi, O. Schmitz, and R. D. Holt eds. Cambridge University Press.

  • Utsumi, S., Y. Ando, T. P. Craig, and T. Ohgushi. 2011. Plant genotypic diversity increases population size of an herbivorous insect.  Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B. 278:3108-3115.

  • Craig, T. P., T. Ohgushi, J. K. Itami, Y. Ando, and S. Utsumi. 2011. Bridges and barriers to herbivory resulting from host plant genotypic variation. Journal of Plant Interactions 6:141-146.

  • Ohgushi, T., Y. Ando, S. Utsumi, and T. P. Craig. 2011. Indirect interaction webs on tall goldenrod: community consequences of herbivore-induced phenotypes and genetic variation in plants. Journal of Plant Interactions 6:147-150.

  • Ando, Y. S. Utsumi, T. P. Craig, J.K. Itami and T. Ohgushi. 2011. How are arthropod communities organized on an introduced plant Solidago altissima? Journal of Plant Interactions 6:169-171.

  • Ikemoto, M., T. Ohgushi, and T. P. Craig. 2011 Space-dependent effects of floral abundance on flower visitors. Journal of Plant Interactions 6:177-179.

  • Craig, T. P. and J. K. Itami. 2011. Divergence of Eurosta solidaginis in response to host plant variation and natural enemies. Evolution: 65(3):802-817.

  • Craig, T. P.  2010. The resource regulation hypothesis and positive feedback loops in plant-herbivore interactions. Population Ecology 54:461-473.


  • BIOL 3994 Undergraduate Research

  • BIOL 4731 Entomology

  • BIOL 4801 Evolution

  • BIOL 4891 Animal Behavior

  • BIOL 5401 Co-evolution

  • IBS 8012 Integrated Evolutionary Processes

Current Graduate Students

  • Lilhac Medina, (Ph.D., Integrated Biolsciences)

Previous Graduate Student Projects

  • Claire Hafdahl, Floral traits and pollination of Solidago altissima: mechanisms of local adaptation among and within biomes, MS 2013, Thesis

  • Annelie Linberg-Livingston, A Geographic Mosaic of Speciation, MS, 2012, Thesis

  • Kevin Anderson, The role of variation in plant genotypes in determining the reproductive isolation of host races of Eurosta solidaginis

  • Terry Hams, Avian predator selection on goldenrod galls containing Mordellistena convicta

  • Michael Dixon, Tumbling flower beetles far from home: Does a cascade of parapatric divergence reach the third trophic level?

  • Rachel Makarrall, Creating useful tools for learning insect anatomy and function

  • Ruben Marchosky, Gall-size dependent survival for Asphondylia atriplicis on salt bush Atriplex canescens

BURST Projects

Biology Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology

  • Maxwell Helmberger, Affects of Solidago altissima drought stress on Lacebug Corythucha marmorata oviposition and nymph survival, 2014

UROP Projects

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

  • Maxwell Helmberger, Island biogeography of soil arthropods in a Northern Minnesota peatland, 2014

  • Paula Miller, Factors affecting pollinator success on Solidago altissima, 2013 and 2014

  • David Johnston, Observing color change in a laboratory setting by the goldenrod crab spider (Misumena vatia), 2013

  • Brianna Loeks, Variation in cytotypes among host plant Solidago altissima in relation to herbivore preference, 2013

  • Wil Licht, The natural history of a change in katydid reproduction behavior, 2011 and The evolutionary significance of a change in Oecanthinae spp. reproduction behavior, 2012

  • Emily Kalkbrenner, Ecological speciation of the Eurosta solidaginis population on Solidago gigantea, 2012

  • Matthew Noll, The evolution of geographic variation in gall morphology of Eurosta solidaginis, 2010

  • Nathan Zarnstrof, Geographic variation in host specialization in an aphid, 2011 and Alternative behavioral strategies in the parasitoid, Eurytoma gigantea, 2012

  • Lee Stokes, Relative fitness of hybrids and pure populations of the geographic host races of Eurosta solidaginis, 2009

  • Chidinma Odoemenem, Indirect effects of herbivores on pollinators in prairie and forest plants, 2006

  • Aklesh Katel, Effect of parasitic wasps in the gall-inducing fly Eurosta solidaginis in the Prairie vs Forest, 2006

  • Edward Barron Jr., Assortative mating of goldenrod gall flies, Eurosta solidaginis, 2006

  • Olufemi (Gabriel) Ekisola, Testing the differences between wing patterns of forest and prairie sub-species of the host race species of Eurosta solidaginis on S. altissima, 2005

  • Jeff Richardson, Selection by birds on gall morphology of Eurosta solidaginis, 2005

  • Clint Peacock, Comparison of natural enemies communities of the host races of Eurosta solidaginis on Solidago altissima and S. gigantea, 2004

  • Michael J. Fudala, Global comparison of insect communities on Solidago altissima, 2004

  • Michael Eskelson, Geographical variation in wing patterns on a latitudinal gradient from North Dakota to Michigan, prairie vs forest biome comparison, 2003

  • Jessica Strange, An analysis of variation in plant architecture and insect community in tall goldenrod (Solidago altissima) in Eastern Minnesota, 2003

  • Kevin Johnson, Variation in host plant ploidy levels in a gall-forming fly, 2002

  • Jeremy Marincel, Selective pressure on gall size by bird predation, 2002

  • Catrina Whitehead, Wing morphology as a basis for measuring reproductive isolation among populations of Eurosta solidaginis, 2002

  • Jeremy Marincel, Oviposition preference and offspring performance in a bruchid beetle, 2000


Married to Joanne Itami since 1984

Children: Linda and Paul

Hobbies: Running; hiking; Nordic skiing; canoeing; history