Cell, Molecular & Physiological (CMP) Biology Faculty


Mustafa al'Absi: Psychobiology of stress, pain, nicotine addiction and risk for heart disease

Grant Anderson:  Brain development, lipid metabolism

Gerald Ankley: Fate and biological effects of chemical contaminants in the environment

Greg Beilman: Cell biology of lung injury, sepsis, and shock

Steve Berry: Metalloprotein engineering, metal binding site design

Clay Carter: Plant cell & molecular biology

Benjamin Clarke: Neuroendocrine peptide hormones as regulators of immune function

Robert Cormier: Identification and functional characterization of susceptibility genes for colorectal cancer

Huai (Howard) Deng: Developmental roles of xenobiotic response signaling, imaging protein complexes on chromatin

Lester Drewes: Cerebral vascular biology

Pedro Fernandez-Funez: Unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration using Drosophila models of several proteinopathies

Janet Fitzakerley: Auditory system function

Briana Gross: Origin and evolution of wild, weedy, and domesticated plants

Marshall Hampton: Bioinformatics, dynamics of gene regulation, mammalian hibernation

Detlef Heck: Systems neuroscience perspective of neuronal communication in healthy brains and brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, autism and traumatic brain injury

Randall Hicks (emeritus): Ecology and molecular biology of aquatic microorganisms

Anne Hinderliter: Membrane –localized phenomena

Jon Holy: Anticancer activity of natural products

Joseph Johnson: Characterization of protein –protein interactions

Nam Chul Kim: Age-related neuromuscular degeneration such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, frontotemporal dementia and multisystem proteinopathy with Drosophila models and mammalian cell culture

Amanda Klein: Opiate receptors and their downstream targets to alleviate chronic pain

Carlie LaLoneChemical effects across species

Jennifer Liang: Using zebrafish to uncover mechanisms that control development of the vertebrate nervous system

Elizabeth Lusczek: Metabolomics in critical illness and disease, circadian rhythms

Allen Mensinger: Neural mechanism of behavior

Venkatram Mereddy: Discovery of new synthetic methods and reagents

Jean Regal: High blood pressure in pregnancy: role of innate immune system

Jon Rumbley: Protein folding, protein thermodynamics

Jessica Savage: Plant physiology, physiological ecology and plant-environment interactions

Patricia Scott: Role of GGAs in membrane trafficking of receptors implicated in pathogenesis of human diseases

Sabrina Scroggins: Immunotherapy development, maternal-fetal immune tolerance, developmental immunology

Clara Shaw: Ecology and evolution of viral host jumps in a Caenorhabditis model system

Erin Sheets: Immunoglobulin E (IgE) receptor signaling

Jessica Sieber: Studying interactions between anaerobic microorganisms and the environments they inhabit, primarily mammalian gut systems

Eric Singsaas: Plant physiology and biochemistry, biorefinery technology and natural materials development

Andrew Skildum: Fuel metabolism in cancer cells, with particular interest in drug resistance in breast cancer cells

Matthew Slattery: Using DNA binding specificity, context-specific genomics, and cis-regulatory element dissection to characterize gene regulatory networks controlling the response to environmental stress in various disease states

Jared Strasburg: Speciation and adaptation, genetic and genomic bases of species differences and species boundaries

Yi-Mei (Amy) Yang: Neurophysiology, synaptic transmission, developmental plasticity

Sara Zimmer: Molecular parasitology and RNA biology