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IBS Graduate Student Handbook - Information in this handbook applies to all students admitted to the IBS Graduate Program. It includes policies and procedures in order to successfully complete Master's and Doctoral Degrees.

The following eligibility milestones must be completed before downloading the graduation packet.

Master's Students:

  • Graduate Degree Plan submitted and approved
  • Assign members to Final Exam Committee

Doctoral Students:

  • Graduate Degree Plan submitted and approved
  • Assign members to Preliminary Oral Exam Committee
  • Complete Preliminary Written Exam
  • Schedule Preliminary Oral Exam
  • Submit Preliminary Oral Report
  • Assign members to Final Exam Committee

Graduation Information

March 1 is the deadline to register for commencement.

Graduation Instructions
Commencement Details

Hood Colors:

IBS Master’s hood color is gold.
IBS Ph.D. hood color can be gold, or the standard academic color for the Ph.D. degree, which is dark blue.
Ph.D. students can also choose to purchase a dark blue chevron if desired. (All rental doctorate gowns from the U of M Bookstores have black velvet chevrons.)

The University of Minnesota Bookstore sells and rents graduation apparel.

Robes can be worn open or closed at the neck. Graduate students can wear the traditional mortarboard cap with a black tassel and doctoral graduates can also choose an eight-sided velvet tam.

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